Atlantic Technology PB-235 PowerBar Soundbar HT Labs Measures

HT Labs Measures

This graph shows the quasi-anechoic (employing close-miking of all woofers) frequency response of the PowerBar 235 Sound Bar (purple trace). The left channel was measured with grille at a distance of 1 meter. As per the manufacturer’s instructions for our free-space measurements, the Bass control was set to +3, and the Treble control to +2.

The PowerBar 235 Sound Bar’s listening-window response (a five-point average of axial and +/–15-degree horizontal and vertical responses) measures +1.25/–2.60 decibels from 200 hertz to 10 kilohertz. The –3dB point is at 57 Hz, and the –6dB point is at 50 Hz.—MJP

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Nice review. I enjoyed reading it. Do you like the PB-235 over the ZVOX 580? At 6" tall, the AT would block some of my tv screen - not to mention the remote signal. So, it would not be an option for me.