Apple Takes on the DVR Market

Interesting speculation from analysts on an all-Apple world. An investment banker said he expects Apple to introduce a networked TV and add DVR functionality to its Apple TV set-top box.

From The Apple Insider, "We expect Apple to design a connected television over the next two years (launching in 2011) with DVR functionality built in," analyst Gene Munster wrote in a lengthy research report on Thursday. "These recorded shows could then sync with Macs, iPhones and iPods over a wireless network."

He goes on say that Apple is positioned to completely take over your living room.

"With the use of a CableCARD for digital HD TV signal, Apple could effectively replace the home entertainment system (including a music stereo, cable box, Blu-ray/DVD player, and gaming console) with an all-in-one Apple television," Munster wrote.

Your living room first, then the world.  --Leslie Shapiro

Apple Insider