Anaglyph 3D coming to video games

3D HDTVs and active shutter glasses might be heading towards the market, but video games aren't waiting for the tech to get here and for users to upgrade. Anaglyph 3D, the old-fashioned red-and-blue style of 3D media, is being used in at least two upcoming video games.

Last year's Batman: Arkham Asylum is receiving its own Game-of-the-Year Edition for Xbox 360, Playstation3, and PC on March 26. The most notable addition to this edition is TriOviz 3D, a feature that lets the game display its 3D graphics in anaglyphic 3D. It also comes with two pairs of Batman and Joker-themed red-and-blue 3D glasses. Unfortunately... the edition is only headed for Europe, Asia, and Australia. Kind of a buzzkill.

The other game is Attack of the Movies 3D for the Nintendo Wii. It's a shooting gallery game that takes place across different movie-themed worlds, and like its name implies, it's in 3D. Again, it uses anaglyphic 3D, and comes with four pairs of 3D glasses. It hits stores (in America!) in May.

Will Greenwald