's Big Mistake

Last Saturday, an Amazon retailer was listing quite a few TVs at prices that were unreal. Turns out that, in fact, they were unreal.

The online retailer, My Office Source normally sells, as you might guess, office equipment. But on Saturday, they had a Sharp Aquos LCD that normally retails for $2,299.99 on sale for... $38.45. Insane! A Panasonic 32-inch set for $65.95. Crazy!

What's even crazier is that some adventurous readers at Gizmodo were able to order these bargains. Did they get their unbelieveable deals?

The orders went through, credit cards were charged, and confirmations were sent. However, today, the brave souls who ordered were told that there had been a mistake. Oops. Big oops if you ask me.

They all received emails stating that their had been a major computer malfunction.  Most of the credit card charges had not yet been refunded, but they should clear in a few days. And we checked. The TVs at My Office Source are back to reasonable prices. Darn it.

$40 LCD TVs. Like winning the lottery, it's nice to dream about. -Leslie Shapiro