Acoustic Research Powerline HDMI Reviewed

Who doesn't long for a wireless way to connect your high-tech gear? The Acoustic Research HDP100 tries to answer the calling. It transmits HDMI information through powerlines. So, if you have AC power running to your HDTV, that's all you need. No need for messy, expensive HDMI wires.

The system is compatible with 1080p, 720p, and 480p - notice that 1080i isn't on the list. It consists of two boxes - a receiver and transmitter. It's designed for single room applications, but it can work between rooms with limited success.

But, does it work?

Our very own John Sciacca was able to do a hands-on review. He had some success with it, but overall, found it to have a lower video quality than a true HDMI connection.

His exact words: "At the end of the day, you're definitely better off running an HDMI cable between your components if that is an option. If not, the HDP100 offers a workable solution, provided you can return it if your results are disappointing."

Words like "herky-jerky", "unwatchable", and "irritating" are never good in video product review.

So, if you have no other option, or just prefer convenience over quality, this is still a viable, if not videophile, option. —Leslie Shapiro

Sound & Vision HDP100 Review