3D Projector Hits Home: JVC DLA-RS2

Just in time for the 3D release of Journey to the Center of the Earth on Blu-ray in 3D, JVC is launching a 3D projector designed for the home market. This is the world's first 3D projector for the home. The DLA-RS2 uses D-ILA projection, and the use of stereoscopic video processing eliminates the need for dorky 3D glasses. It is full 1080p 3D.

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The latest version of SENSIO 3D is in the heart of the machine, and the contrast ratio is 30,000:1. If 3D sources aren't available, standard 2D DVDs and Blu-ray can be used.

This will be available later in 2009, but the price isn't available.

3D always seems to be on the fringes, but a recent spat of 3D Blu-rays indicate that there just might be a future in this futuristic format. —Leslie Shapiro