3D inches towards a standard

3dhomelogo It seems like everybody is trying to do their own thing when it comes to 3D video. Since there's no specific standard, different HDTV makers are all implementing 3D in slightly different ways. These differences might not seem apparent to most consumers, but they're still individual technical approaches which means you can't mix and match 3D glasses to fit whatever 3D-compatible HDTV you have. Fortunately, that might be changing soon.

The CEA is looking at the 3D@Home Consortium's developing 3D standard as a possible one-size-fits-all 3D tech template for most HDTVs. 3D@Home is a group consisting of several movie studios and electronics manufacturers, who are all working together to eventually produce a single standard for 3D technology in HDTVs. The consortium has already released several documents describing possible universal standards for 3D video, active shutter glasses, and passive lens glasses, and the CEA is considering them for integration into its own set of technical standards.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but this could be the first big step towards seeing universal 3D with mix-and-match glasses on the shelves, instead of individual and proprietary equipment.

Will Greenwald

[Source: Engadget HD]