$1.29 is too much for a song from iTunes

When iTunes introduced their one-price-fits-all model for selling music, many record labels were unhappy with the situation. The ability to buy a single song for a dollar made full records a hard sell for some artists. But it was a hit with consumers. The simplicity perfectly fit with Apple's, "This is the way we do it and, if you're cool, you'll like it," attitude. On April 7th, you'll see the price of many popular tracks jump all the way up to $1.29. Of course, some songs will drop in price as well, but it's going to be back catalog stuff that isn't really selling in the first place.

Skeptics would assume that generating more money per-track purchased would go over very well with record companies, but it's just too late. With consumers used to getting songs for less than $1, they worry that some people who regularly buy music will be finally pushed over the edge into illegal downloading. In this kind of economic climate, it's hard to argue against that kind of logic.

I'm sure many of you eschew the iTunes store for other reasons (quality being the foremost), but will this affect the way any of you actually buy music from Apple? I'm lucky in that most of the stuff I like will probably fall into the category that no one wants so it's only going to get cheaper.