Platin Audio Previews 10-Channel Soundbar System with 4 Wireless Height Channels

Platin Audio previewed a first-of-its-kind 10-channel soundbar system at last week’s CEDIA Expo 2023 that uses WiSA Discrete System (DS) technology to wirelessly connect a subwoofer and four height channels in a Dolby Atmos surround-sound setup.

Slated to ship in October, the Milan 5.1.4 Soundbar System will sell for $799 and uses a WiSA Discover transceiver built into the soundbar to wirelessly send signals over a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network to a low-profile subwoofer that fits under a couch and four height channels — two up-firing drivers in the soundbar and an up-firing driver in each of the system’s two rear surround speakers.

The system includes onboard Dolby Atmos processing and supports uncompressed 16-bit/48-kHz resolution in the four wireless height channels. A mobile app is also provided for system setup and control.

The Milan 5.1.4 provides a path to “true surround sound” with only four components. “With its sleek, space-saving components — soundbar, rear surround speakers, and subwoofer — it fits any space and can be set up in minutes thanks to WiSA DS Technology,” said Platin senior VP Kevin McDonald.

For more information on the soundbar system, visit

WiSA is a hardware and software standard for wirelessly transmitting digital audio from an audio source to wireless speakers that is promoted by the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association. For more on WiSA DS Technology, visit Also see our 2021 interview with WiSA president Tony Ostrom.

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