CES 2024 Is Here!

It’s that time of the year again. Time for that end-all, be-all trade show we all know and love: CES.

When the 2024 edition opens its doors tomorrow, 3,500 exhibitors occupying 2.4 million square feet of space in multiple locations, including the Las Vegas Convention Center, will be ready to greet tech aficionados from around the world. This year’s show, which runs through Friday, January 12, is expected to draw in excess of 130,000 attendees — 15,000 more than last year but still short of the 171,000 who attended in the pre-pandemic days of early 2020.

The one-time “Consumer Electronics Show” has deep roots in audio and TV/video that date back more than 50 years but today’s CES is a vast and far-reaching showcase for every imaginable (and unimaginable) kind of technology — from ever-more advanced robots and all things EV to digital health aids and assistive technologies (this year including a headset for the blind that functions as a digital seeing-eye dog and tech-infused glasses that improve reading fluency for those with dyslexia) to new, potentially transformative applications of artificial intelligence, and much more.

Of course, AI continues to find its way into, and make an impact on, products near and dear to the hearts of Sound & Vision readers. Have you heard of a TV lately that doesn’t incorporate some form of AI-powered processing? AI will continue to play a key role in image enhancement in 2024 models from all of the major TV brands and we expect to see AI making more inroads in sound optimization, room calibration, noise cancellation, and many other audio-related areas.

These are exciting times, indeed, and we look forward to uncovering the next generation of top performing AV products so we can bring you the hands-on reviews that are central to what we do at Sound & Vision.

Keep an eye on these pages and the S&V YouTube Channel for show coverage as it unfolds.

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As a Sound & Vision reader, I'm particularly interested in how AI is incorporated into AV products. It's become almost standard for TVs to feature some form of AI-powered processing. The anticipation of discovering the next generation of high-performing AV products and reading hands-on reviews from suika game Sound & Vision adds to the excitement surrounding CES.

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@spacebar clicker Integrating AI into AV products will bring positive impacts