SVS Upgrade Sound to New Heights and Depths Sweepstakes

Register to win a SB-2000 Subwoofer and SoundPath Interconnect ($725.00 retail value) or Prime Elevation and SoundPath One Cable ($430.00 retail value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer & SoundPath RCA Audio Interconnect Cable
The best-selling SVS SB-2000 subwoofer is a Sound & Vision “Top Picks” winner for good reason. It unleashes effortless deep bass extension below 20Hz and room-energizing power while maintaining lightning-quick speed in transients and musicality.


The massive sonic impact from the SB-2000’s 12-inch high-excursion driver and 500 watts RMS, 1,100 watts peak Sledge amplifier is made all the more impressive considering its compact cabinet measuring only 15-inches on all sides.


Of the SB-2000, Sound & Vision’s David Vaughn remarked, “You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bass value…reproduced deeper bass response that I could literally feel in my sternum; it shook the house!”


SVS Prime Elevation Speakers & SoundPath One Speaker Cable (50-ft)
The world’s most versatile high-performance home theater speaker, the SVS Prime Elevation is a direct radiating height effects speaker for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D formats and a brilliant solution as side/rear surrounds or even front stage LCR speakers.


Amazingly transparent with crisp dynamics and smooth frequency response, the Prime Elevation can be used on their own or blend seamlessly into any speaker system. The speakers are easy to mount on the wall or ceiling and a great solution when perfect placement isn’t possible in a surround sound set-up.


“This is one of the smartest and most practical speakers I’ve ever come across…The perfect height speaker for any Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Auro-3D installation.” -PCWorld

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MissouriMaid's picture

This seems like a great site for learning more about things guys usually have to hook up at my house.

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I started my adventure with the SVS brand over a year ago with the plunge into the Prime series. I purchased a 5.1 set to accommodate my Marantz 11.2 channel processor, and replacing a few older NHT speakers in my setup. Initially I was considering a few different speakers including but not limited to PSB, Monitor audio, Revel, KEF, Polk, Klipsch, and a few other major brands in the industry. Once I hooked up my new SVS towers, I was a bit sad to realize that I could no longer Bi AMP my tower speakers, but I figured I would give it a try. After powering the SVS towers with an Emotiva 150 Watt RMS power amp I was amazed at the quality of the sound and dynamics. They easily compare to Elac, KEF, PSB and Klipsch. The subwoofer I bought was the PB1000 and I am happy I upgraded from a Velodyne 12 inch. It greatly improved my sound system but equally blended the music and movies match up with ease. Very often I have found a speaker to sound great with music but not moives and vice versa, the SVS speakers do just that perfectly. That is what I was hoping for, unfortunately I do not have the financial requirements for some new SVS gear to pair with my current set but it sure is in my goals for the next few years. This journey has taught me a few things, one is bi wiring is not the key to great sounding speakers, two is that I should have bought the SVS ULTRA series, three is that SVS simply makes the best subwoofers in the industry and four, this hobby is not about money necessarily, but about building your passion for audio video equipment. I have since been trying to move to a new home which would accommodate a 120 inch Elite screen and my Epson 3020 projector or with a new Epson 5040 UB, also a dedicated home theater room in the basement of which I have been planning and saving for over a year now... I will say that I am glad I got into SVS in general, since most know them for the subs and not speakers, but after putting a few YouTube videos up I can see that people have taken my word for it and bought the same equipment as I have.

Since I come from a family where my father is an electric engineer (myself also) owning several high value tube amps and pre amps, left me to drool over in my lifetime, but always building my setups as I go along. I think that is what is most important. That we slowly build the setups, some slower than other and some faster, to our liking not how people tell us it should be. That is what I like best about this hobby, how there is no right or wrong, as with the automotive field and other hobbies can be, this one is all about what you feel would look, sound and act as best for you!

I end this comment with a high five to SVS for making some of the best and most affordable products on the market so that I could take advantage of this wonderful hobby and always strive to make my setups better. Sound and Vision was a magazine that I would go to my local library during the summers in middle school and check out religiously getting a better and better idea of what I would buy when I was older. Well I am older now and SVS is my path to happiness!

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What a fantastic prize!! I hope I am the lucky one!!

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I WANT. some neighbors don't deserve this in my living room, but others do, so may Sweet Lady Luck be on my side, BY THE GODS!

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Just what I need.

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This is such an amazing giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!

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thanks for giving not only myself but others the chance to win such a awesome prize package

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These would work GREAT in my man cave.

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great giveaway! hoping to win

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ive never been one to listen to music...these speakers would inspire me to have music playing all the time!

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The elevations would make my setup much better.

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I may never have to leave ......

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I could really use this!

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A sub would do that.

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Please choose me. My living room needs the acoustic help.

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The sub would be a perfect match with my 100" projection screen.

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Awesome giveaway.

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This is awesome. This is something that I could really use.

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wow this is awesome

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Hope I win!

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I would love to hear perfection through this system