’70s Flashback: Forgotten Brands A-Z, Part 3

Tandberg (December 1973), Teac (May 1978), Toshiba (March 1973)

A couple weeks ago we presented our second installment of iconic ’70s-era advertisements from long-forgotten brands with names that fall in the middle of the alphabet (N–S). Our favorites: the 1974 Pioneer ad that looks like an Allman Brothers album cover and Sansui’s “Quad Almighty” ad from 1975. Here in this final installment we pick up where we left off, starting with classics from Tandberg, Teac, and Toshiba.

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What have we missed? Do you own any of the components featured in these ads or have a story to tell? Share your throwback stories in Comments!

Vector Research (November 1979), Wollensak (November 1973), Zenith (November 1974).

mround's picture

1973-4 was about the time I upgraded my dorm system to something suitable for a real apartment. Dorm system from 1970 was Nikko (a tiny TRM-40B that was promptly modded by an EE roommate) and SF Radio speakers. Replacement was an Altec (not in your collection!) compact and EPI-100 (in your list!) speakers - still have the speakers, working great after a couple of rebuilds (most recently with Human Speakers components). A TEAC cassette deck showed up soon after (low-end bright version of what's in your ad; long gone). Somehow, after trying several other speakers and receivers/amps over the years, I keep going back to the EPIs for really good sound whatever I'm driving them with.

Is it worth fixing a pair of Radio Shack Mach 3's (much later than these ads) with disintegrated foam around the woofers?