Serene Audio Talisman Powered Speakers Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Serene Audio Talisman Powered Speakers (MSRP $395) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Made in Vancouver, Canada, Talisman speakers are hand crafted from bamboo, leather, and brass, and meticulously engineered. Verified by experienced engineers and customers, they enthrall you with the clearest and most transparent sound to come from your desktop. Talisman speakers are designed to sit on your desk, but they have plenty of power to fill the whole room. They are self-powered, meaning they can be paired with almost anything.

Why are they special? Compared to other speakers in this category, Talismans have a truly unique aesthetic, premium quality materials and craftsmanship, and engineered components that are unique for speakers of this size.

Drivers: Expensive ultra low distortion driver with fast transient response. This means plenty of space of each instrument and voice to without masking or being masked by others.

Amplifier: Serene Audio's uniquely designed DSP audio amplifiers enables the speakers to push the performance envelope to levels that are not traditionally possible from speakers of this size. Meticulously designed internal amplifier saves the integrity of the signal from the moment it enters the amp to the moment it is converted to acoustic waves by the driver.

Craftsmanship: Wood, leather, and brass create a beautiful pallet of premium colours and textures that were carefully selected with quality and durability as a priority. Quality craftsmanship by hand allows tending to every detail, creating truly premium quality enclosures.

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User5910's picture

Woo, curvy!

zeram1's picture

Awesome looking set of...!

MartiensNel's picture

Looks like a pair of dancers. :)
Can they do the tango?

slumkid's picture

Wow, those would look great on my desk!

mosafer's picture

The design is very unique and unlike anything I have seen.
I am very interested in how they would preform.

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d-oski's picture

These look great.

zen2000's picture

They look very well made and I am sure they sound good too!

isuguy24's picture

So many times desktop speakers are ugly and an eye sore. These look fantastic!

puddy77's picture

Definitely interesting looking.

sanderbog's picture

Very nice!

AaronSB's picture

Very unique look. Would love to hear them!

Bob Ankosko's picture
Check out our review here.
sixsigmaguy's picture

I need these....fingers crossed.

Mrsnikoph78's picture

Those are reason enough to clean my desk off. Fingers crossed!

aslogar's picture

Nice looking set of speakers.

hannaebba's picture

Very cool, would love to have in my office..

Tigran's picture

on my desk.

Iamhoosier1's picture

If they sound as good as they look...

funambulistic's picture

Count me in!

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Savant's picture

Those speakers would look great in my office!

biga6761's picture

Great Giveaway...

Arnaud32's picture

They would look awesome on my desk!

Olden Ears's picture

It's great to see a speaker that is not a box.

Tkoepp's picture

I like the interesting look of these speakers, not your typical black box. The name Talisman made me think of Frank Lloyd Wright.

VbalPhil's picture

They look saaweet!!

pohlmanc's picture

Hope they come my way.

jnemesh's picture

Are they speakers...or art? Or both? Interesting look!

gdnorton's picture

These would look great in my office

ednaz's picture

Wouldn't mind a set of these dancing across my desk...'s picture

Please let me win!!!

cmoran000's picture

I'll take 2!!

bears_t2's picture

Gotta Love em....

mcdontho's picture

Kool Speaks!

mikerr's picture

If I could

von Krag's picture

I wonder just why they chose this?

boxerdog's picture

Looks like a face to me

WildGuy's picture

Very nice speakers. Would love to have this hook up to my laptop and on the computer desk.

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denslayer's picture

of new desk speakers actually

Brown Sound's picture

Yep, I need these for the bedroom PC system, please!

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Marcht9999's picture

Very cool!

Nuz1's picture

Count me in!

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I can see them sitting on my desk!

cgorab's picture

Those are some good looking speakers.

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I would love to get my hands on a pair of these.

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I need them.

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aseenath's picture

Love the look of these speakers.

sound guy's picture

These speakers look cool!

jquam's picture

These would look/sound amazing in my office!!!

dmineard's picture

I am a deserving reader, pick me.

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jds5445's picture

I always thought these speakers looked funky in a good way. I'm a straight-line, minimalist kinda guy but there's just something about these. And as always, free stuff looks better.

brianh's picture

These would make a great addition to my work from home desk!'s picture

want one,,

TimmyS's picture

I have the inside scoop that I am the winner of these Serene Audio Talisman Powered Speakers! Just send them to my address!

hbomb7's picture

Love to see these on my desk. Kick out the Jams!!

foobrew's picture

I lika very much.

saffaris's picture

Love the design !

saffaris's picture

Love the design!

saffaris's picture

Love the design !

HJW808's picture and company philosophy. I bet these sound FANTASTIC and would look great bookending (is that a word?) my turntable.

birthofcool1's picture

When will they arrive? ;)

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These are cool speakers, I've heard them.....very nice!

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wineandwires's picture

how fun

Puffer Belly's picture

nice prize

jporter's picture

theses look like fun.

Jackblues's picture

I guess I'll take them.

omega_jeff's picture for these!

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danielthediesel's picture

I'm happy so far with my A2's. But everyone raves about these. I'd love to hear them broken in and with a good DAC/Amp

excalibur11's picture

What a unique pair of speakers.

thienson's picture

Very nice speakers!

JRAD's picture

Love to hear'em on my desk

xgrifter's picture

Would love to have a new pair of speakers

Oreo's picture

Nice looking speakers. Hope I get a chance to hear them.

amann's picture

These sure are unique looking desktop speakers.

mrfranc's picture

Already have a place for them!

jmarkaustin's picture

Yes please!

Jbergner's picture

Style matters...

marc sortino's picture

These speakers look cool & if they sound half as good as they look then these are a must for music lovers

scardella's picture

a set of desktop speakers.

dusty's picture

I will put these to work immediately upon receipt!!!!

aarmend3's picture

Artsy speakers! Nice.

dcrook's picture

Would love to display these lovely speakers on my desk. Would have been nice to see a "recommended sub" to go along with it.