How Are You Watching the 2014 Winter Olympics?

You are watching the Olympics, aren’t you? With more than a week and dozens of spectacular events to go, what better torture test for your TV than skiers careening down a mountain at 90 mph, snowboarders tumbling while airborne, and figure skaters spinning and triple-lutzing their way across the ice? So, back to this week’s poll question: How are you watching the 2014 Winter Olympics? Tell us below and, by all means, share your favorite Olympic moments in Comments. For a guide to watching this year’s events, see Barb Gonzalez’s Streaming 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.
How Are You Watching the 2014 Winter Olympics?
Off-air antenna to my big-screen TV/projector
19% (57 votes)
Cable/satellite to my big-screen TV/projector
51% (156 votes)
Live…I’m in Sochi!
1% (3 votes)
Time-shifted programming recorded to my DVR
12% (37 votes)
Streaming via smart TV
0% (1 vote)
Streaming via PC
4% (11 votes)
Streaming via mobile device/app
2% (7 votes)
Other (Leave a comment.)
11% (35 votes)
Total votes: 307

Biffstar's picture

I didn't vote since "both" is not an option. But thankfully, I'm Canadian and can watch CBC in HD over-the-air. On top of that, CBC also has multiple HD live-streams every event (some even without commentary or commercials) of all events as they happen live, with immediate replays in their entirety afterwards.

Forget that brutal American NBC coverage edited to all hell, full of advertising, and full of produced pieces that nobody cares about.


utopianemo's picture

I'm not.

jebbj19's picture

Every thing I watch has already happened.

LordoftheRings's picture

And that's the Canadian broadcasting way!

Right on the Internet. They show you the real stuff and non-stop.

Forget USA, it's just advertising and publicity with their old montages.

LordoftheRings's picture

And Go Canada Go! :-) ...Live and alive!

LordoftheRings's picture


Most people hate it; I find it relaxing to watch myself, like golf, baseball, ... :-)

jnemesh's picture

I am not watching ANY of it this time around, and I usually enjoy the Winter Olympics more than the Summer Games. I refuse to add even one set of eyeballs to the ratings or engage with it in any way. I find it hard to believe that they gave the games to Russia in the first place...let alone let it be hosted at a BEACH RESORT! Anti-gay rhetoric, video cameras in bathrooms, undrinkable water, shoddy construction in the Olympic Village...on and on and on...No, this is a disaster of epic proportions, and I have a feeling we won't know quite HOW epic until everyone is out of the country and free to report on EXACTLY what is going on there.