Poll Results: OLED & Video Projection Top Ultimate Holiday Wish List

We asked you to take a moment out of your busy (shopping) schedule to vote for your ultimate holiday gift. The results are in and spread out among the 16 categories. Surprisingly, there were no break-out categories. ”Super sexy OLED TV” led the pack but with only 14 percent of the vote, followed closely by “Movie theater-like projection TV setup,” “To-die-for home theater speaker system,” and “Spectacular speakers for music.” Here’s the complete breakdown:

14% – Super sexy OLED TV

14% – Movie theater-like projection TV setup

13% – To-die-for home theater speaker system

13% – Spectacular speakers for music

11% – Sweet 4K/Ultra HD TV

8% – Amazing AV separates

7% – Pristine plasma TV

5% – Subterranean subwoofer

4% – Hellacious Headphones

3% – Awesome AV receiver

3% – State-of-the-art turntable

2% – Wonderful whole-house wireless music system

2% – Ultra-high-rez music streaming setup

1% – World’s best soundbar

1% – Outta sight in-wall/ceiling home theater speaker setup

1% – Studio-quality movie streaming setup

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Now roll out the 80 inch flat 4k OLED Panels.....