Updated: OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Disc Player Sweepstakes

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Register to win an OPPO BDP-105 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (MSRP $1199.00) we are giving away.

According to Oppo:

The OPPO BDP-105 is designed from the ground up with components optimized for enhanced analog audio performance. The OPPO BDP-105 features an all-new analog audio stage powered by two ESS Sabre32 Reference Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC), balanced (XLR) & unbalanced (RCA) dedicated stereo outputs, a Toroidal linear power supply, and asynchronous USB DAC input. These high-grade components are housed in a rigidly constructed metal chassis and work together to deliver exceptionally detailed and accurate sound quality along with reference quality video.

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ckdexterhaven's picture

Would love to win this!

mrh335's picture

I wouldn't mind an upgrade to a 105

Skwerlii's picture

I... would not mind winning this at all.... =P

redemption3's picture

Would love a new Oppo, been looking at getting one for awhile. They new series looks great!

Ellefty's picture

I would love this oppo in my theater living room!!!

heyhtguy's picture

I've wanted a BDP95 and a dragonfly to replace my aging cd player for some time now, but it hasn't been in the budget, so I'm crossing my fingers for this one!

Apippen's picture

Great prizes! Thanks a bunch!

Lexowner's picture

I'd really like to hear how the BDP-105's Sabre DAC's would sound connected through my good old reliable MC-12's analog inputs.

Fiat131's picture

One for me...

maj.remedy's picture

Yes sir that Oppo 105 would look and sound awful good in my home theater system!!!

timatraw's picture

I want the best player in the world to use with my new Runco!

nlyee's picture

Really curious how good the oppo 105 will sound

nlyee's picture

Really curious how good the oppo 105 will sound

jb5200's picture

My favorite word spelled backwards - Oppo

Secofdefns's picture

This would be a huge upgrade over my 1st gen Panasonic!

Secofdefns's picture

This would be a huge upgrade over my 1st gen Panasonic!

hifiguy's picture


cawgijoe1's picture

Wow! This would be a dream come true. No compromise! I'm always compromising. This would make my year. Keep up the good work guys. Your magazine is the best.

mralbertodiaz's picture

I'd Love one

udaman's picture

It will be nice to try out a Oppo blueray player. Especially, this great BDP-105

mdesmit's picture

My ears have become addicted to OPPO quality and anything less will cause severe trauma of my senses
I would love to own this unit to replace my '83!

Optos's picture

I'd love this!

JayhawkLaw's picture

My need for an upgrade is immense

Carib's picture

Great addition to any system!

curiousview's picture

An Oppo 105 is a generous gift and it would be a welcome addition to my hometheater. If you need my address just let me know.

CharlesF_II's picture

You can not get much better than ths for movies and music at any price! Who would not want a unit this good, me included.

bwilberg266's picture

The only way my wife will allow me to get this beauty is if I win it - Please make it happen!

brad.motsinger's picture

Got to have this, please!

jtoniolo1's picture

Would love to have a top-notch piece of A/V equipment like that....please!

blumblebees's picture

I would love to win this. I've been on a real losing streak in life and would love to win this to give to my hubby.

Scott's picture

I would be PUMPED to get one of these bad boys!!!

markb's picture

Yes, Please!

TheBaird's picture

Oppo, built with tender loving care.

kibbyster's picture

love to win and thanks

1221winter's picture

Looks like a fantastic piece of equipment. I would sure like to update my old player.

Greygtiguy's picture

My BDP-83 needs a big brother.

togjones's picture

Would love this!

jcgriffith's picture

I don't want to seem ungrateful but I'd like another to connect to my Mac's since the BDP-83 works great with my home theater setup.

shadspotlight's picture

I'm a stay at home Dad and this would be AMAZING to win! It would help me have some much needed me time.

miller1341's picture

Sure would be an awesome prize.

dalep426's picture

A great sweeps prize!

jewels722's picture

soo good!

Aimee Tanguay's picture

But can it do dishes?

jclende4's picture


Jasmine9693's picture

I want this. It would be such an awesome thing to have!

sanpper922's picture

I can place it now in my livingroom

kevbass's picture

I would just love to add a Oppo Blu-ray player to my home theater system.

NikitaP's picture

This would finish up my entire setup nicely!

JeffreySuth's picture

Send me one.

zepfan4691's picture

Would love to have this work of art!!

Walbridge1959's picture

Oppo is the best thing to happen to home theater since High Def!!

maryannecl's picture

I want one!

vsixtyfour's picture

Yes Please!

vcrdoug's picture

Have owned the BDP95 and love it. Would move my 95 to the front room with my 47" TV and connect the 105 to my Panasonic Plasma 65" set. However I couldn't imagine better performance than the 95, I'd still love to have the 105!!!

Chewbacca's picture

Am I too late?

ffardatta's picture

I would love to win.

z80man's picture

Yes Please Thank You Very Much

bitz13's picture

Thank you, would look great in my rack!

hescobar's picture

This would be great if I win.It would be my first time owning an OPPO..

Stewtopia's picture

Thanks for offering this. You don't get better than Oppo. Good luck to all!

crogers1975's picture

Right now I'm rockin' an old LG Blu-ray...:( You could make me the envy of every guy I know (who knows anything about AV).

gatechange's picture

YES Please.....

anibal2013's picture

We need..I mean I need..the precious..the BDP-105

excitemike's picture

I'll gladly take one.

wilsonnet007's picture

Never won a thing in my life, this would be a great way to start!!!

csovka's picture

Yes please!

markland52's picture

Very Nice

wilsonhut's picture

!!! !!! !!!

sharkattack26's picture

I have read so many good things about Oppo, would love to find out for myself

timosmith's picture

I would love one!

Brainiac's picture

I've always wanted an Oppo Pluray player. I've read many good reviews on the BDP-83 and others. It would be amazing if I could WIN this one.

chuckamuck's picture

Oppo's the best! Would be honored to have one of these!

Sixtus's picture


Bgamboe's picture

Time to redo my equipment rack anyways.

mikeyt's picture

My PS3 is now defunct. Would be a great upgrade!

sceeter's picture

For the blu-ray player I will trade you one of the following:

a) hairless cat with an inferiority complex

b) a collection of Silver Surfer comics (each missing the last page)

c) a rusty bottle cap

d) a projectile device made from an unwilling rodent plus misc parts I found in my garage

So when do I pick it up? :-)

djb's picture

Oppo is truly the best player I have ever auditioned

dougcleary's picture

I'm a bit disappointed that Oppo is delivering an upgrade to their BDP-95 so soon. Still a quality product but they oversold its streaming capability, that YouTube app is awful.

Tlayman's picture

I've heard so many great things about Oppo!

vlaspisa's picture

If I won this would cost more than my whole entertainment system

hbomb7's picture

Please pick me!!! The great Jimi Hendrix put it so eloquently perfect, "music is my religion".

eeifb's picture

OPPO BDP-105, would be awesome to win one.

pwb1010's picture

An Oppo would be awesome!

pwb1010's picture

An Oppo would be awesome!!

Battisto1's picture

Would be awesome to replace my Oppo-83

CusThatsMyStyle's picture

I love my old oppo, the new ones got to be even better right?

vipersrt's picture

Heard so many things about Oppo. Would be amazing edition to my equipment and Black Diamond screen.

broadkill's picture

I want bad

Eephus's picture

That would be a great prize to win.

Kammym3's picture

I would love to win this.