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How Much Have You Invested in Your Home Theater?

A home theater is a blessing for those who have one, and it needn't cost a fortune to get decent picture and sound quality. Of course, the more you spend, the more potential there is for truly great performance, though high prices do not guarantee it. Also, as cost increases beyond a certain point, the gains in performance generally become smaller.

These musings lead me to wonder, how much have you invested in your home theater, including display, sound system, and source devices? If you've built a dedicated room, please include furniture, acoustic treatments, ambient-light control, décor, and construction as well. What proportion of your budget has gone for video, audio, and environment?

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How Much Have You Invested in Your Home Theater?

Jarod's picture

Including furniture and wiring my current home theater cost was just south of $8,000. That's not counting the over 200 Blu-rays I own so my media collection has its own value spec. I've been in this hobby since about 1999 so if I added up all I've spent on upgrades it would be well over $30,000. Getting ready to spend $4,000 on an Epson 3D PJ and 102 in screen. Can't wait!

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So many of us have fallen into "upgrading solely for the purpose of upgrading" which is a dangerous area since we can get further away from actual media. We all know audiophiles who only listen to music produced by cottage labels specializing in minimalist miking eventually cutting themselves off from mainstream music.

I recently moved from an Integra DTR-50.2 receiver (using an NAD amp for L/R) to a $2,400 Integra Pre/Pro and a Parasound 5 channel amp. Yeah, it sounds better but the previous configuration was darn good and I regret spending the money for the upgrade. I obviously crossed that boundary from being focused on watching great cinema on DVD and BRD to thinking about my gear all the time. The experience reminded me how pleased I was in 1999 with a baseline Denon AVR connected to a 27" CRT watching film noire. That was contentment.

Lesson learned. Anyone want to buy an Integra Pre/Pro?

Thanks for posting this topic Scott!

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We are living in twenty first century, the century of new technologies and hi-tech. But nowadays we cannot do anything without help of these technologies and not so often think what will happen, if all these devices will disappear as if they didn’t exist at all.-Arthur van der Vant