Scott Hosts The Tech Guy Radio Show

I just got back from Petaluma, California, where I was honored and privileged—not to mention greatly pleased—to fill in for Leo Laporte, hosting his nationally syndicated call-in radio show, The Tech Guy, while he was attending the Northern Lights photography festival in Norway. On Saturday, I was joined in the studio by David Vaughn, hardware and movie reviewer for and Home Theater magazine, and we spent a delightful three hours answering listener questions and conversing with the lively chat room during commercial and news breaks. In the last segment that day, Dick DeBartolo, aka The Giz Wiz and Mad magazine's maddest writer, made an appearance via Skype to talk about his latest gadget find—battery-operated, remote-controlled blackout shades from Lutron.

I returned on Sunday to answer more call-in and chat-room questions for another stimulating three hours. I also interviewed Greg Edmonson, composer of the music for the sci-fi series Firefly and many episodes of King of the Hill as well as the Uncharted series of video games. In addition, photography expert Chris Marquardt, a regular guest on the show, dropped by via Skype from his home in Germany to talk about projector technology.

Both shows were captured on high-quality video by the incredibly talented crew of TWiT, Leo's podcast network. The video of both days is available right here, so please enjoy this double home-theater geekout!

Saturday, April 28, 2012:

Sunday, April 29, 2012:

David Vaughn's picture
Scott, Thanks for the invitation. I had a blast on Saturday and look forward to doing it again in the future.
Scott Wilkinson's picture
I agree, it was a real blast, and you did a great job with the calls and chat room! Also, it's a real treat to be able to bounce stuff off each other during the show. I look forward to the next time you can join me in Petaluma!
Brianhbr549's picture

I learned one great thing by seeing the taping of T.W.I.T. Every once in a while you can see Scott Wilkinson crawl in behind the cast to get his backpack while taping is going on. I wanted to get up and go say hi but like him I didn't want interrupt the taping.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
I guess I wasn't stealthy enough to escape your notice! I just hope I didn't distract the on-air folks. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say hi; hope you had a great time at the TWiT Brickhouse!
David Vaughn's picture
I'm still trying to get an invitation to be on T.W.I.T., but it hasn't arrived yet. Brian, are you the Brian of Brian Brushwood fame?
Billy.Q's picture

Wow, this is really awesome. It sounds like it was a very entertaining and educational three hours. I hope that you guys get to do it again and that the time comes very soon. Thank you for the recap.

Jarod's picture

I love it when you get to filll in on The Tech Guy Scott! It was a delight watching you and David taking calls. I was cracking up watching the behind the scene antics. Really good stuff!

stephenix1015's picture

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