Panasonic TH-65VX300 3D Plasma

In addition to its mainstream consumer plasmas, Panasonic makes a line of professional models for broadcast monitoring and high-end custom installations. New from the company's pro division at CEDIA is the 65-inch TH-65VX300, which boasts over 12,000 steps of gradation and the ability to reproduce the DCI color gamut as well as Rec.709, SMPTE-C, and EBU. It provides circuit-board slots to customize the input complement, and its internal scaler can be bypassed if you have a better outboard processor. It looked quite good under less-than-ideal conditions—which it should for $6250.

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I have been waiting a LONG time to see this set! The TH-65VX100 Panasonic Premier set was OUTSTANDING, but it quickly was eclipsed in performance when the new "neo-pdp" mainstream panels hit the market. I think these sets are going to do a lot better than other "premium" sets on the market...and $6250 seems very reasonable for a top quality set...especially when you consider the difference in quality (power supply, circuit boards, general construction, etc) over your "disposable" sets that cost a third as much. Bring 'em on!

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From the review of the VT30 it is clear that although Panasonic managed to aquire Pioneer technology it is still too expensive to reproduce. The VX series provides a way around that barrier as it is expected to be purchased by commercial buyers and Kuro lovers ! So Scott, first impression of black levels ? When do we get a review ? As an actual fan of having the option to apply frame interpolation, which is the only thing that the Kuros are terrible at (Purecinema Smooth mode), I am glad 24p smooth film is present in this set. Having said that, if Panasonic has only just managed to catch up with Kuro with this set, imagine where Kuro would be today if they were still being developed ? Shame it was Sharp and not Panasonic who decided to collaborate and rebrand their topline sets "elite". There is only so much you can do with lcd after all.

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Tomorrow we're expecting Panasonic's new studio reference monitor, the TH-65VX300U to arrive and it will be mounted on our shoot-out wall, evaluated and compared against the top three TVs, The Elite PRO-60X5FD, Panasonic's TC-P65VT30 and Samsung's PN59D8000.

Kevin Miller, D-Nice, Ed Johnson along with a few popular forum members and myself will do the evaluations.

I'll post our findings by Saturday, 11/5/11 so stay tuned for the results.


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Waiting for youre review Robert Zohn....on TH-65vx300 i will buy one ...just would love to read youre and in the magazine please

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