Ten Reasons to Like Integra

The Integra DTR-80.3 nine-channel receiver ($3000) and DHC-80.3 pre-pro ($2600) and their Onkyo equivalents are the only receiver/pre-pro that upscale to 4K by 2K. That they can be ISF-calibrated for each source component is just as unusual and even more impressive. Pictured: Ten reasons why custom installers like to do business with Integra.

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Onkyo/Integra are the Swiss Army Knives of A/V. They do everything well, but nothing completely perfect - they're superb products for people like me who want something well rounded in all areas for general control, switching and processing, and will use other components to tailor video/audio to my liking (Preamps, different source components, separate amplifiers, etc). After the video processor debacle in my Marantz SR6003, and the retirement of Pioneer's epic AVR (The SC-09TX), I think Integra will definitely be my next component of choice.

We'll see.