Panasonic 3D Jumps Out

Panasonic not only made the biggest push for 3D at the show, it also had the most consistently effective demos. All used shutter glasses, and all of Panasonic's new plasma sets are claimed to use faster phosphor elements to minimize left-right crosstalk (lingering images can be an issue when separate images must be presented for each eye. (Hopefully the new phosphors won't compromise color accuracy. The color in the demos looked fine, but such demos invariably deviate from the D6500 color standard.)

Panasonic's theater demonstration was a must-see, featuring the new 152-inch plasma set shown in an earlier posting. But the lines to see it were like the lines for airport security at 6PM on a Sunday night.

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Any idea of the cost?

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If you're asking about the 152" plasma, no price had yet been set as of show time. Likely six figures. But the price of the set pales in comparison to the cost of ripping out a wall of your house to get it inside. Or the cost of building a new house around it.