PlayStation 3 Rumors

While a website may mean nothing, and specs change, but at the moment Sony’s own PlayStation site is saying that the PS3 will output 1080p and play Blu-Ray movie discs. We’ve all figured out this would be the case, but here’s a little “proof.” At least, for the moment.

Also interesting is a Sony product that will support SD and CompactFlash memory cards and not just MemoryStick. Also, there won’t be a hard drive built in. Everybody’s guess is that they’ll do a package thing like the Xbox 360.

One other rumor I’ve heard is that there will be no component output, only composite, s-video, and HDMI. This doesn’t prove that rumor either way, as the “A/V Multi Out” could be the same as what’s on the PS2. As in, the output will depend on which overpriced cable dongle you buy. Of course, even if this is the case, it doesn’t mean there won’t be restrictions on what resolutions are output analog and whether said restrictions would vary depending on game or movie playback. I guess time will tell.

And time we've got, as the latest release date rumor has the PS3 coming out in September, despite the "Spring" date on the website. Maybe they meant spring in Australia.

Here’s the link

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I understand that these console games are super popular right now, but to me a custom built computer with great HDTV card is the way to go if I want to play games in my home theater. With the use of dual video cards pc games to me look a lot better, and you also get added use as a word processor or a myriad of other uses a computer has over an xbox 360 or ps3.

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I agree completely! The PS3 is cool though, as it is 1080p and a Blu-Ray player. So for about the price of a stand-alone Blu-Ray player, you can get one that also will play Gran Turismo. Now that's a deal.

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Geoff, this is the 3rd or 4th time I've seen you mention GT. You obviously like that game a great deal. If you're anything like me, you've no doubt beat the game, have 4 or 5 million credits and all the goodies unlocked. So what do you like to do with it now? What's your favorite track? What's your best time on that track with what car?

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If you have the F094 Formula 1 car in your garage, see how bored you get trying to achieve a time of less than a minute on Laguna Seca and 1:13 on Monaco (Cote D'Azur).

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thank you for the information. please keep posting there are few people inteligent enough out there to find reliable info from. ? how will the 3:2 effect the fps as a correction? what prevents the bd players from operating at the correct fps?