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The smart speaker market is so hot we wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook decided to get into the act, even though hardware isn’t its forte. Of course, the same could be said about Google, which is on its way to capturing close to a quarter of the market dominated by Amazon, according to a recent eMarketer forecast.
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New B&W subwoofers, a light-rejecting screen, Oppo’s new super-charged 4k Blu-ray player, and more.
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Q I’m looking to buy a new AV receiver. Denon just came out with the AVR-S930H, a 7.2-channel model that’s Dolby Vision compatible. Should I instead buy a 2016 model with similar features minus the Dolby Vision support? It would save me a few hundred dollars. The only Ultra HD source I plan to use it with is a Roku player.  —Steve Guminy

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Nine years ago this week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the controversial merger of rival satellite radio companies Sirius and XM.
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The Reelgood web app makes it easy to find something you want to watch by aggregating movies and TV shows across many streaming services.
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Build Quality
PRICE $299

Open-back, planar magnetic design
Solid build quality
Handsome look
Can sound bright

These Tidal Force headphones face stiff competition from other comparably priced planar magnetic designs.

Tidal Force is a brand spanking new headphone company, and at the time I started working on this review, the Wave 5 was their one and only set of headphones. They’re off to a good start; build quality is excellent, and the mostly metal design felt great in my hands.

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The number of on-demand audio streams exceeded 184 billion during the first six months of the year, representing a 62 percent increase over the same period in 2016, according to recently released mid-year statistics from Nielsen Music.
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Severtson Screens has announced that the new version of its acoustically transparent SAT-4K projection screen is now available.
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This guest technical primer was submitted by Dave Rodgers, marketing manager for Elite Screens Inc. and a 20-year professional in the audio/video and wireless communications industries.

You might be surprised to learn that there is more to contrast than just black and white. The intensity of color matters just as much. While the topic of black-white level has been explained in all its glorious intricacy by the best minds in the AV world, I prefer a more basic approach — one that makes sense to someone who doesn’t know lux from lumens.

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Bluesound, sister company of audio stalwarts NAD and PSB, has announced the availability of the RT100 wireless speaker link that enables any active subwoofer to be connected wirelessly to its Top Pick-designated Pulse Soundbar.