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Al Griffin Posted: May 15, 2017 0 comments
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A I own an Integra DTR-40.6 AV receiver that is capable of playing Hi-Resolution Audio (HRA). Here’s what I want to know: If I were to upgrade my Pandora or Spotify account to stream HRA, would I be able to listen to it using the Pandora or Spotify app built into the receiver? My internet service plan is 50-Mbps FIOS, and I have the receiver connected to my router with an Ethernet cable. &Tony Held / via e-mail

SV Staff Posted: May 15, 2017 0 comments
Onkyo has announced that the DP-X1A ($800) and DP-S1 ($450) personal audio players unveiled at CES in January are now shipping.
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Geoffrey Morrison Posted: May 13, 2017 0 comments
Legion is the best show I’ve seen in a long time. Incredibly creative, fascinating to look at, and tremendously fun. Here’s a non-spoilery look at the first season.
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Chris Chiarella Posted: May 12, 2017 0 comments
When a gaggle of gigantic, otherworldly objects parks itself at various points around the Earth, life as we know it is paused while collective humanity figures out our next move. Our finest minds—tempered by the military—seek to determine the mysterious visitors’ even more mysterious purpose, leaving us with the complicated business of learning how to communicate with them. The best hope is brilliant language professor Louise Banks (Amy Adams), who is tasked with deciphering a bizarre form of “speech,” impossible for humans to emulate. But if she doesn’t make meaningful contact, and soon, all hell might break loose, with no guarantee of how such a conflict would end.
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David Vaughn Posted: May 12, 2017 0 comments
With the FBI hunting them after their last “show,” the Horsemen have been in hiding, honing their skills in preparation for their next Robin Hood–inspired adventure. Their target this time around is an unethical tech mogul, whose new product isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Unfortunately for our heroes, their plan backfires when the FBI crashes the show and they must make a fast getaway. They end up on the other side of the world where they’re blackmailed into performing their most impossible heist yet.
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SV Staff Posted: May 12, 2017 1 comments
Music technology company MQA, creator of the end-to-end audio encoding technology Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), has announced new partnerships and the availability of an MQA-enabling firmware update for AudioQuest’s popular DragonFly series of portable USB DACS.
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Michael Antonoff Posted: May 12, 2017 1 comments
Radio has been around for so long that to call it “new media” would be oxymoronic. Yet today’s smorgasbord of podcasts, a.k.a. radio on demand, now reaches a burgeoning audience of mobile users...
Rob Sabin Posted: May 11, 2017 1 comments
Build Quality
PRICE $1,000 ea

Classic McIntosh styling
DTS Play-Fi compatibility
Excellent sound quality
Quirky Play-Fi app
Grille isn’t acoustically transparent
No Bluetooth

It’s hardly cheap, but McIntosh’s wireless speaker will satisfy your inner audiophile in more ways than one.

My UPS delivery guy—after having me sign for a pair of McIntosh RS100 wireless speakers, whose brand labeling was plainly evident—couldn’t resist commenting before walking off with a wink and a smile: “Have fun with those!”

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SV Staff Posted: May 11, 2017 0 comments
Onkyo is expanding its RZ Series of AV receivers in June with three 7.2-channel Dolby Atmos/DTS:X-equipped models, ranging in price from $900 to $1,400.
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SV Staff Posted: May 11, 2017 0 comments
Starke Sound, the Carson, California-based maker of high-end speakers, is constructing two Dolby Atmos demonstration theaters for the Los Angeles Audio Show, which is open to the public and runs Friday, June 2 through Sunday June 4 at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles.