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Emerson, Lake & Palmer were always at the forefront of progressive music, and being original has been a hallmark of ELP ever since their adventurous self-titled 1970 debut. Now, the band’s sonic legacy has been distilled into a nice three-disc collection, The Anthology (Manticore/BMG), which also serves as a 39-track sampler of a full-bore catalog reissue series, which recently commenced with three two-discs sets, each complete with outtakes and bonus cuts, for 1970’s Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 1971’s Tarkus, and 1971’s Pictures From an Exhibition. I Skyped with ELP vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Greg Lake, 68, across The Pond to discuss how effectively ELP utilized the stereo soundfield, why he prefers the analog format, and what the ultimate key is to making good records. Ooh, what a Lucky Man he still is.
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A collector who refuses to collect is left with seller's remorse.
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It seems like a dream come true. After decades of sabotaging efforts to create a cable-ready standard for television sets, the cable industry appears to have come to its senses. The NCTA (National Cable & Telecommunications Association) has proposed a “ditch the box” initiative that embraces several necessary components of a scheme to replace the ailing 14-year-old CableCARD standard.
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After a six-year hiatus, the venerable B&K audio brand will return this fall under new ownership.
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We tend to forget that not all readers have been around the block when it comes to the language of video. Those that have know the tricks of the trade, and what all of the terminology means. True, even they’re sometimes mistaken, and we ourselves can get caught out from time to time with what’s being offered this year (or this week!) in the ever changing high definition (HD) and ultra high definition (UHD) world.

But manufacturers seldom offer much help in this, or even do their best to obfuscate. In their specs, descriptions, and promotional copy, one thing you won’t find clearly stated is what their products won’t do...

Ken C. Pohlmann  |  Sep 06, 2016  |  3 comments
Velodyne. Subwoofers. Actually, really good subwoofers. When you're talking to your buddies, running down your list of home-theater equipment, you pause ever so slightly before you say "Velodyne subwoofer" because you know that pause will add even more of an impression to an already impressive name. But Velodyne is more than subwoofers. Much more.

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As part of its 70th anniversary celebration, Sony has announced the Signature Series of audio products optimized for high-resolution listening.
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Bowers & Wilkins has unveiled a refined version of its P7 wireless headphone.
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A few days ago the world lost one of the great comedic actors, Gene Wilder. While I’d always considered myself a fan, it wasn’t until I really thought about the roles he’d had that I realized what a gift he had been to us all.

So to celebrate his career, here are some of my favorite moments (at least the ones with clips available online). Feel free to add yours.

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2D Performance
3D Performance
PRICE $3,999

Crisp “4K Enhanced” picture
Ultra HD and HDR compatible
Impressive 3D performance
Some motor noise with Auto Iris active
High fan noise in certain picture modes

Epson’s Ultra HD and HDR-compatible 3D LCD projector delivers a compelling mix of performance and features for its $3,999 price.

With 4K/Ultra HD quickly taking over as the default resolution for new TVs, it seems ironic that projectors, the display type that would most benefit from 4K resolution, have been slower to transition to the new format. Sony is the only manufacturer to introduce 4K-res projectors aimed at the general home theater market, and with the cost of entry for those models stuck in the $10,000-plus range, it’s clear that 4K projection has a way to go before it becomes mainstream.