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Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries power millions upon millions of electronic devices—from phones and laptops to headphones and Bluetooth speakers—without incident but every now and then something goes awry. Who can forget Samsung’s massive recall (and eventual discontinuation of) the Galaxy Note 7 following reports of spontaneous combustion.
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Nuvyyo today announced that Best Buy is offering a limited-time $50 discount on its new “cord-cutter” Tablo Dual DVR.
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James Loudspeaker today introduced a series of high-performance floorstanding speakers that leverages technology used in its flagship BE-Series of in-wall speakers.
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Summer’s here and the time is right…for summer concerts, of course! There’s something magical about sitting under the stars serenaded by your favorite artist that only happens in the summer. But in actuality, there’s another side to the midsummer night’s dream of lovely music. What is it about outdoor concerts that brings out the worst in an audience? Who’s attending these concerts, and why are they making them so miserable for the rest of us? Nowhere else could the outrageous behavior seen under the summer sky be tolerated.

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Optoma has introduced an Android-based, plug-and-play projector with a built-in media player, dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, and a 20,000-hour LED light source.
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Onboard the starship Avalon, thousands of passengers and crew are bound for a new colony on a distant planet. They’re in suspended animation for the 120-year journey. But passengers Jim Preston and, later, Aurora Lane are awakened 90 years too soon—and the pods can’t be reconfigured to put them back to sleep.
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In screenwriter-director Tom Ford’s (A Single Man) adaptation of Austin Wright’s multi-reality novel, we discover Susan’s emotionally drained existence, disillusioned with marriage and her career in blue-chip art curating. It’s an expensive life of high-end fashion and cutting-edge contemporary paintings, antiseptic interiors in fancy galleries and elegant homes.
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GoldenEar Technology’s Top Pick-designated Triton Reference speaker has shipped to more than 100 of the brand’s authorized dealers in North America and pre-order customers, announced Sandy Gross, company president and co-founder.

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In three years there will be some 10 million cars on the road with self-driving features. What will people do in a car that drives itself?
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Build Quality
PRICE $999

Handmade in Germany
Stunning good looks
Best-in-class sound
Tangle-prone cable

The Beyerdynamic Xelento Remotes look, feel, and sound like a true luxury design.

It’s a stunningly beautiful design: The Beyerdynamic Xelento Remotes are most definitely a looker. Better yet, their ergonomically balanced design made for a perfect fit in the concha of my ears; these are some of the most comfortable in-ears I’ve ever worn. As for the sound, it was spectacular!