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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Dec 21, 2004 0 comments
Despite the results of recent statewide elections banning same-sex marriages, consumer electronics retailers and manufacturers may not want to dismiss the gay, lesbian, and bisexual (GLB) community quite so readily. A recent nationwide Harris Interactive/Witeck-Combs on-line survey found that the tallied responses are indicative of "the enthusiasm and affinity that gay and lesbian consumers have for electronic technology and their propensity to seek out the latest trends in consumer electronics and television." The survey looked at preferences for service providers (both cellular and TV) as well as HDTV ownership and intent to buy and HDTV.
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Dec 13, 2004 0 comments
Punches continue to be thrown in the fight over which next-generation DVD format will be established as the industry standard. (And there will be an industry standard, right corporate bigwigs? Although full-fledged format wars are great for selling magazines - go ahead, subscribe to our humble publication now, just in case - tech-savvy consumers tend to sit on the sidelines when it comes to spending money on hardware that may never have software.) Here are some of the latest developments in the march toward a higher definition DVD.
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Dec 12, 2004 Published: Dec 13, 2004 0 comments
Want an easy way to store, manage, access, and enjoy digital entertainment content in your home? Beginning to think Microsoft's Windows Media Center Edition 2005 doesn't quite live up to all the hype? Afraid you'll run out of storage room? Concerned about so many questions to answer?
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Dec 06, 2004 0 comments
I don't know whether it's the silliest or the slickest player design to come along since the invention of the DVD format, but the new YAHOO! MetroRetro DVD Player is certainly worth a second look from anyone tired of the typical black- or silver-box chassis design that makes even some of the most expensive machines look like cheap commodities. The "retro" styling involves rounded sides and front-panel circular VU meters that give the player a look that's reminiscent of a 1960s/1970s-era Chevy.
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Dec 05, 2004 Published: Dec 06, 2004 0 comments
Despite the fact that financial analysts remain nonplussed by VOOM, the HD-content leading satellite service (provided by Rainbow DBS, a subsidiary of Cablevision System Corp.), those of us on the receiving end of the small-dish system see big promise in such a large selection of HD channels from which to choose. That's why the recent announcement that Rainbow DBS has selected Lockheed Martin to build five more geostationary telecommunications satellites to provide direct broadcast services across the continental US (conus) should make all HDTV owners smile. The first of the five satellites is expected to be completed and launched before the end of 2007. VOOM anticipates an ultimate capacity of over 5,000 HD channels.
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Nov 22, 2004 0 comments
I've written enthusiastically in the past about the SENSIO 3D video processing system. 3D - at least in its current technological incarnation - isn't the type of thing that lends itself to casual TV viewing (i.e., news, sitcoms, and exercise videos - although the faceurs at "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" probably have the right sensibility to make great comedic use of it). When done right with appropriate subject matter, on the other hand, it's like having a thrill ride in the middle of your living room. But as amazing as the SENSIO 3D system is, it's little more than a sideshow wonder without a good base of 3D software to maintain your interest.
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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Nov 21, 2004 Published: Nov 22, 2004 0 comments
Why do the Japanese get all the good stuff first? Godzilla destroyed Tokyo (1954) a full 44 years before he was unleashed on New York (1998). (And the original was much better than the schlock Hollywood tried to foist on us as a "modern" version.) Not to mention they've got gobs more camera phones than we do. And now, Sharp - part of the global powerhouse of top-shelf consumer electronics companies plugging the Blu-ray Disc format - is introducing a new Blu-ray Disc recorder that includes a built-in hard drive and a standard DVD recorder. The new gizmo is claimed by Sharp to be the first high-definition recorder in the world to combine three recording disc drives.
Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Nov 07, 2004 Published: Nov 01, 2004 0 comments
Outsourcing can be a good thing when it comes to home entertainment.

With a handful of exceptions, truly flexible multiroom entertainment is beyond the reach of most A/V receivers. Sure, lots of manufacturers rapturously talk about their second-zone outputs like they're some sign of the Second Coming. In most cases, however, a receiver's second-zone outputs aren't much better than giving a blind man the keys to your car. Maybe you'll eventually get where you want to go, but not without a lot of anxiety.

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Darryl Wilkinson Posted: Nov 01, 2004 0 comments
Test marketed earlier this year, DualDisc is now officially here with the October 26th release of two albums from Warner Music Group (WMG). (Two more WMG DualDisc albums are scheduled to arrive in stores on November 23rd.)


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