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David Katzmaier Posted: Oct 03, 2006 0 comments

Unless indicated otherwise, all tests were performed via the HDMI input from an HD DVD player set to 1080i output.

Color temperature (Standard color temperature, Night mode before/after calibration): Low window (20 IRE): 6,461/6,233 K High window (80 IRE): 6,753/6,513 K Brightness (100-IRE window before/after calibration): 75.4/38.5 ftL

David Katzmaier Posted: Nov 10, 2003 0 comments
Photos by Tony Cordoza My uncle is an architect who works in Orange County, California, and I've always loved visiting the palatial homes he helps design while they're still under construction.
David Katzmaier Posted: Apr 12, 2005 0 comments

The HDTV market is heating up, especially for microdisplays - rear-projection TVs (RPTVs) that use LCD, DLP, or LCoS chips to produce their high-resolution images. These sets are essentially video front projectors stashed in a box, so it's no surprise that a projector and printer maker like Epson would want to get in the game with something that sets them apart from the competition.

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David Katzmaier Posted: Sep 04, 2006 0 comments

The screen at your local movie theater is obviously a lot larger than the specialty screens used in home theaters, but they actually have a lot in common. The main difference is perforation. The screens in almost every movie theater have the front left, center, and right speakers behind them, along with a few subwoofers.

David Katzmaier Posted: Feb 24, 2005 0 comments

Big-screen, rear-projection HDTVs based on traditional CRT (cathode-ray tube) technology are inexpensive enough - and good enough - to warrant consideration by just about every shopper. But they aren't all that sexy.

David Katzmaier Posted: Jul 04, 2006 0 comments

Unlike an iPod or a cellphone, an HDTV includes numerous and sometimes very advanced adjustments that can directly improve its performance. Using those controls properly can have more impact on picture quality than any other factor.

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David Katzmaier Posted: Apr 09, 2003 0 comments
Photo by Tony Cordoza All diagrams by Dimitry Schidlovsky except for the LCD which is by Mark Schrieder. Given that cathode-ray tubes (CRTs) provide the best pictures, why are so many companies moving away from tubes and into new technologies? Because that's how they can make the thinner and lighter TVs everybody's clamoring for.
David Katzmaier Posted: Oct 31, 2004 0 comments

The hottest-selling HDTVs right now are big-screen rear-projection sets, a category that's still dominated by the relatively cheap, time-tested cathode-ray tube (CRT). But the new "microdisplay" TVs are gaining fast.

David Katzmaier Posted: Dec 02, 2002 0 comments
Photos by Tony Cordoza

Riding the bus to school was always a drag, so it felt great to be able to slide behind the wheel of my new car and drive there on the morning of my 16th birthday. Each day after that I'd wake up late, then get halfway home before all the losers who didn't have wheels even got on the bus.


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