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SV Staff Posted: Aug 10, 2009 0 comments
If you're looking to upgrade your home theater check out the deals we found today on speakers and this Yamaha RX-Z11BL 11.2-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver for $4,999.95. More great HD and gadget deals* after the jump. KEF XQ30MH...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 16, 2008 0 comments
Come on, people. What are you waiting for? According to a study by DisplaySearch, less than 6% of the people who have requested the coupons the government is supplying have actually redeemed them. That means millions of folks will be left in the...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 16, 2010 0 comments
It's been a long time coming, but the Star Wars trilogy is finally coming to Blu-ray Disc. That's the good news. The bad news, at least for some, is that it will be the Special Editions of the films and not the original cuts. The "meh" news is...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 24, 2010 0 comments
   Wander down to the far end of CEDIA’s long exhibit hall and you’ll find a closed-door booth emblazoned with an unfamiliar company name: GoldenEar Technology. Enter that booth, and you’ll see legendary speaker-guy Sandy Gross...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 04, 2009 0 comments
Twitter might not be the most important feature for an internet-enabled home theater device, but Sonos thinks it's at least worth of some attention. According to Sonos' Thomas Meyer (over Twitter, appropriately enough), the company's CR200...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 24, 2008 0 comments
A lot can get lost in translation, but it looks like Panasonic has big news coming out from CEATEC, the Japanese electronics trade-show that's coming up shortly. Panasonic is releasing a home theater package that's bound to raise some interest....
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SV Staff Posted: May 28, 2008 0 comments
Ultra-ultra thin. That's not a typo. Just a lack of words to describe what happens when you take an ultra-thin screen and make it 1/10th its original thickness. If you thought that Sony's XEL-1 OLED display was thin at 3.0mm, what do you think...
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SV Staff Posted: Oct 28, 2009 0 comments
Question: My high-def DirecTV receiver connects to my Pioneer Pro-111FD plasma HDTV through a Pioneer SC-07 A/V receiver. When I’m changing channels, there can be a significant pause before the new channel is displayed. It seems that the TV is...
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SV Staff Posted: Nov 13, 2008 0 comments
If you’ve wondered what the heck all the fuss is about BD-Live, perhaps, here’s something that might pique your interest. Universal Studios just announced that those in possession of the just-released Hellboy II: The Golden Army, and who own a...
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SV Staff Posted: Feb 19, 2008 0 comments
  The high definition disc format HD DVD was killed today - the victim of abandonment. Toshiba Corporation, the company behind HD DVD's development, announced that it was pulling the plug on the nearly two-year-old format, effectively making...


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