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SV Staff Posted: Aug 08, 2008 0 comments
The Apple iTunes store will go down in history as a textbook success story. Other music services, such as Rhapsody, might just go down as footnotes.  While iTunes has prospered, Rhapsody has struggled. The service offers over 5 million songs,...
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 27, 2008 0 comments
Something just wouldn't be quite right if middle-aged people approaching retirement grasped and adopted new technologies faster than their children. So it comes as no surprise that a study on that topic commissioned by Hallmark turned out just like...
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 15, 2010 0 comments
Netflix is on a mission to get their streaming service onto just about every device with a screen, but the cell phone market has been woefully neglected until now. Microsoft has been showing off how their new Windows Phone 7 platform plays nice...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 30, 2009 0 comments
Lady Gaga, Dr. Dre, Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine, and Monster Cable CEO Noel Lee held a joint press conference earlier today announcing the launch of Monster's new "Heartbeats by Lady Gaga" in-ear headphones. Like Monster Cable's previous...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 03, 2008 0 comments
If you happened to pick up  I Am Legend the first time it was released on Blu-ray, you might want dump it on eBay while you're waiting for this. Really, or just toss it. Warner Bros. announced the Ultimate Collector's Edition of I Am Legend...
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 07, 2009 0 comments

The show floor hasn't even opened yet, but the flood of stuff we want to get our hands on has already started. Last year's CES was kind of a let down when it came to getting new products we would actually get our hands on during the year. If last night's preview was any indication, we might leave this year's show with a longer wish list.

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SV Staff Posted: Apr 28, 2008 0 comments
You can do away with plans to cover that far wall in your living room with the umpteen inch HD flat screen TV from the Massive Buy store down the street. Finally, you can just make the wall your TV thanks to the almost too-good-to-be-true Kuro...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 10, 2008 0 comments
Disney's making sure no one misses an opportunity to watch their favorite Disney movies. What happens when you and your little ones miss out on the ABC airing on Saturday nights of Wonderful World of Disney? Instead of tears and tantrums, just go...
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SV Staff Posted: Oct 28, 2008 0 comments
We all know Hollywood has a certain image to maintain. When you see an actor on the big screen, up close and personal, you can see right into their soul. Good lord, let's hope you don't have to see every brush stroke of liquid foundation...
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SV Staff Posted: Oct 17, 2007 0 comments
It was a lesson in perspective this week in Baja California, Mexico, where Sharp Electronics officially cut the ribbon on a $300 million LCD manufacturing plant in Rosarito. While American journalists were busy scribbling notes about screen sizes...


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