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SV Staff Posted: Jun 11, 2008 0 comments
A demo held today at Sony's global headquarters in Tokyo indicates that OLED display technology is even cooler than we thought. A new OLED panel Sony showed makes the company's 3mm thick, XEL-1 11-inch display seem almost like a CRT-era porker. ...
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 01, 2010 0 comments
 If you're a PS3 user, but you don't have one of the newer slim models, Sony would appreciate it if you didn't fire up your console until they can find a viable fix for the clock bug that's currently beating up their...
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 31, 2008 0 comments
The DISH Network has unveiled what is being called the biggest HD upgrade in pay TV history. They'll beam down 1080p programming, and up to 150 national HD channels; that's an industry first. Their 100% all-HD suite of programming packages will be...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 16, 2010 0 comments
It's been a long time coming, but the Star Wars trilogy is finally coming to Blu-ray Disc. That's the good news. The bad news, at least for some, is that it will be the Special Editions of the films and not the original cuts. The "meh" news is...
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 07, 2008 0 comments
Sony Electronics' president and chief operating officer Stan Glasgow is getting around. His latest dinner companions are dishing the dirt on news Glasgow shared last week. In a report on Barron's, the dinner talk wandered from olive oil to OLED....
SV Staff Posted: Aug 26, 2008 0 comments

It's an iPod* dock (with a remote control). It's an AM/FM radio. It's an alarm clock. It's a 2-way speaker system - paired with a dedicated down-firing 4-inch subwoofer - that boasts great detail and accuracy. And it can be yours.

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SV Staff Posted: Feb 05, 2009 0 comments
Think you do the funniest things with your computer? Spout the wittiest comments on your YouTube videos? Wouldn't you love a pair of these speech bubble speakers perched next to their computer monitor to make sure you hear every funny blurb,...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 28, 2008 0 comments
News out of IFA 2008 is clear. According to Sharp, you can never be too thin. At the Berlin show, Sharp was showing off their new XS1 Aquos LCD products, slated for release in the UK in October. The XS1 is available in either a 52-inch or 65-inch...
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SV Staff Posted: May 08, 2008 0 comments
According to news out of Korea, the new LG Scarlet TV is the world's thinnest TV. Well, at 45mm thick, it  is quite thin. But the thinnest model in the world? Not so fast, Ms. Scarlet. In a scene that could play out behind the scenes at the...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 15, 2008 0 comments
Remember when Napster was an upstart controversial music sharing business that was raging across college campuses until it got shut down? Not only has Napster gone legit, it has become Big Business. As reported by Reuters on Yahoo News, Best Buy...


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