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SV Staff Posted: Nov 19, 2008 0 comments
Funai. Get used to it. Philips had pulled out of the TV-making business in the US and Canada and pulled out Australia and New Zealand monts ago. It still handles design and manufacturing for the European market, its home field. They turned that...
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 06, 2010 0 comments
The CES news bombs have started dropping and Vizio is on the front lines with some ambitious announcements. Their XVT series is getting three new additions in the form of a 47-inch, a 55-inch and a monsterous 72-inch, each running at 480 Hz and...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 13, 2008 0 comments
Sure, many people's entire music library is now in their jeans pocket, and the playback space is somewhere between their left and right earbuds. That's cool. Other folks are into fancy home theaters and surround sound. Cool. But a few old-school...
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 09, 2009 0 comments
The question many TV manufacturers are asking at CES 2009 is, "How thin is thin enough?"   LG demonstrated their AMOLED technology, which is a scant .85 millimeters thin, or about .033 inches for us non-Metric heathens. This 15-inch TV is...
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Michael Berk Posted: May 09, 2011 0 comments

Following up on a post earlier today by YouTube head Salar Kamangar, the company formally announced the launch of its movie

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SV Staff Posted: Dec 24, 2008 0 comments
The Roku box for streaming Netflix flicks is getting an upgrade that will let it support HD content. How much for the upgrade? Nothing! Not bad for a player that only cost $100 to begin with. The update is automatic, sent over an Internet...
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SV Staff Posted: Oct 21, 2010 0 comments
There's no shortage of headphones options out there at the moment, but starting on November 15th, legendary amp-maker Marshall will be entering the fray. There isn't a lot to talk about yet, since details on the familiar-looking cans is...
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 08, 2008 0 comments
Does it get any better?  The clever code jockeys at Millard Software have released a beta version of software that enables an iPhone or iPod Touch to receive XM Radio. Yep, grab your jailbroken phone with firmware version 1.1.4, uXM beta v.53...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 01, 2009 0 comments
Buying HD content from The Xbox Live Marketplace has always been pretty good, but waiting a long time for 720p content is always kind of annoying. Today, on the first day of video game trade show, E3, they announced that they were changing things...
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 20, 2009 0 comments
Have you ever wondered why someone would take time to write an online review of a product that rivals the depth and detail of a professional review? Some folks just feel passionately about their new purchase.  However, there is a dark...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 24, 2007 0 comments
Just when it seemed like the Blu-ray camp was starting to gain an upper hand in the high-res DVD format war, HD DVD scored a major coup. But did the industry shoot itself in the foot again? Paramount Home Entertainment announced this week that all...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 01, 2008 0 comments
We've already alerted you to the forthcoming release of the Ultimate Matrix Collection on Blu-ray. Now Warner Brothers is whetting appetites with more details. The seven-disc box set will hit store shelves on October 14. The set will include the...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 08, 2009 0 comments
Epson has announced a quartet of new 1080p projectors for home theaters. All four models features 3-chip DLP imagers and dual HDMI 1.3a inputs. The $1,599 Home Cinema 8100 is the least expensive of the new projectors, and the most modest, pumping...
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 19, 2009 0 comments
My feet may be aching already, but my fingers are eager to give you the scoop on the first long day and night at the South by Southwest Music & Media Conference. Ken Richardson here, your faithful Entertainment Editor, down in Austin for my...
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SV Staff Posted: Feb 19, 2008 0 comments
  The high definition disc format HD DVD was killed today - the victim of abandonment. Toshiba Corporation, the company behind HD DVD's development, announced that it was pulling the plug on the nearly two-year-old format, effectively making...


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