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Michael Berk Posted: Jun 07, 2011 0 comments

Our friends at KEF are looking to raise some money this summer for the ChildLine Rocks Foundation, and naturally they're doing it in a high-octane, high-volume fashion. The organization works to prevent child abuse.

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SV Staff Posted: Dec 31, 2008 0 comments
Come on, we couldn't let 2008 end without one more use of the word "maverick." Dallas Mavericks owner and HD maverick Mark Cuban has bought a large stake in the Carmike Cinema chain, and not because he loves popcorn.In an email to...
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Timothy J. Seppala Posted: Jun 13, 2012 0 comments

The dust has settled, E3 is over, and I have a notebook of nigh indecipherable scratches and scribbles left over from my week in LA. Covering E3 as one person and seeing everything is impossible, but I was able to check out a lot of very cool stuff.

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SV Staff Posted: Jul 10, 2008 0 comments
It seems we're breaking news every day on the newest OLED technological advance. Sony's 11-inch XEL-1 was the first, and they announced last week progress on a 27-inch OLED model, with a 40-inch model far in the future. Now, Japanese powerhouses...
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 08, 2009 0 comments
Yesterday, Sharp announced its newest HDTV line, the Aquos LED series. As its name implies, the Aquos LED HDTVs use LED backlighting instead of conventional CCFL. Because LEDs lack the toxic chemicals of CCFL backlights, use far less energy, and...
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SV Staff Posted: Jan 26, 2009 0 comments
The Simpsons will have their 20th season premiere on February 15th, and you're gonna see a big change. Now, they haven't aged on bit, yet they're coming of age. The high-definition age, that is. After 20 years, The Simpsons will be...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 12, 2007 0 comments
Greetings, indeed! The summer may be over, but with all of the anticipation brewing over the October 2 release (less than three weeks away!) of Bruce Springsteen's Magic, his new album with the E Street Band (see my posts below), it's a good time...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 03, 2008 0 comments
If you happened to pick up  I Am Legend the first time it was released on Blu-ray, you might want dump it on eBay while you're waiting for this. Really, or just toss it. Warner Bros. announced the Ultimate Collector's Edition of I Am Legend...
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SV Staff Posted: Feb 18, 2010 0 comments
It's even more news from the 3D front! Sony is joining the fray with its very first 3D-capable A/V receiver, the STR-DN1010 AV. The STR-DN1010 is a 7.1-channel A/V receiver with 3D HDMI 1.4 passthrough to allow 3D content to run from a source,...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 27, 2007 0 comments
The view here, as you can see, is merely of the top of my head. Yes, it’s your humble Entertainment Editor with his humble Reporter’s Notebook, covering the 2006 South by Southwest Music Festival. And who are those two tykes? They’re band members,...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 13, 2009 0 comments
You may have heard by now, but the music world lost a true icon today. Les Paul (Lester William Polfus) left the world at 94 years of age, leaving behind a musical legacy that has guitar players around the world strumming sad chords. His musical...
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SV Staff Posted: Apr 01, 2008 0 comments
Forget microscopes. Students at Tufts University's Center for Scientific Vizualization don't have to squint when examining particles, molecules, DNA, and tiny organisms. Instead they simply glance up at the enormous VisWall in their classroom. The...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 22, 2008 0 comments
In a battle to grab subscribers, AT&T might have gone in the wrong direction. They currently feature two HD and two SD feeds on their U-verse network, and thanks to higher MPEG-4 compression, will be able to offer three live HD streams in 2009....
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 06, 2010 0 comments
Sony is seriously trying to sweeten the pot for early adopters of 3D HDTVs. According to CrunchGear, the company is adding a bundle of additional products for users who purchase a Bravia HX800 HDTV. Besides the TV itself, Sony is throwing in a...
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SV Staff Posted: Oct 30, 2008 0 comments


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