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SV Staff Posted: Jan 21, 2009 0 comments
It seems that the RIAA isn't happy at all about the recent ruling allowing a webcast of their upcoming trial against an alleged file-sharer in a copyright infringement case. Their fear? The RIAA is worried that people will record the webcast...
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SV Staff Posted: Sep 04, 2007 0 comments
Panasonic didn't even have time to gloat about the 8GB SD card it launched this summer when it doubled down capacity on the category. The company is shipping a 16-gig SD memory card in November that costs more than a dozen of its digital cameras...
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SV Staff Posted: Jun 30, 2008 0 comments
So it's not just me. Seriously, whenever any of my friends need advice on what stereo/MP3 player/home theater speakers/car stereo/bicycle/television they should buy, why am I first on their speed dial? Apparently, the folks at Gizmodo have the same...
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SV Staff Posted: Apr 30, 2009 0 comments
I'm not the world's biggest fan of Jane's Addiction (far from it), but the Limited Edition of A Cabinet of Curiosities (Rhino) is so compelling visually that it draws me in, like C.S. Lewis's wardrobe. As such, it's a lock...
Michael Berk Posted: Apr 11, 2012 0 comments

Rush fans...the moment you've all been waiting for has arrived. Not quite like clockwork, but Clockwork Angels is finally and definitely headed your way.

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SV Staff Posted: Mar 22, 2009 0 comments
It's Saturday, the last day of SXSW. And for me, it begins with three tech-oriented panels and ends with one more musical blast. (Shown above: Perfect Pants.)Panel No. 1: "The Archival Restoration Preservation Society." From that...
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 02, 2008 0 comments
If you're like most Americans, you spend 17 hours a week in your vehicle. That's a lot of time behind the wheel, which is why 38 percent of the driving population is planning to buy and install a CE device in their ride this year. It's not what...
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SV Staff Posted: Jul 24, 2008 0 comments
It's no wonder. As more and more people upgrade their home systems, more of them are opting for new universal remotes. A new study from Parks Associates expects an annual growth rate of about 10 percent. Apparently, that's a good number. Mid-level...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 20, 2009 0 comments
Whether you think it's good or bad, at least it's a step in some technological direction. The September 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly will run video ads placed by CBS. You read that correctly. A print magazine will run video ads. According to...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 03, 2009 0 comments
For the DIY home theater aficionado, today will surely rank among the greatest days in history. That’s because August 3, 2009, marks the announcement of the first 1080p video projector priced less than $1,000. Vivitek’s H1080FD projector...
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SV Staff Posted: Mar 28, 2008 0 comments
In the decades-old gender battle for the remote control, it appears women have begun to wrangle the device at a higher rate then men, especially when there's a digital video recorder involved. According to a new study from Solutions Research...
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SV Staff Posted: Aug 26, 2008 0 comments
Audiophiles know how good Parasound equipment is, but their equipment tended to cater to the stereo crowd. It's about time they acknowledge that serious listeners like to listen to surround sound, be it movies or multi-channel music. Parasound...
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SV Staff Posted: Dec 08, 2009 0 comments
Welcome to A/V cable overkill. Cable manufacturer Wireworld has introduced its new Platinum Starlight HDMI Cables, a new top-of-the-line cable that costs $1,000 per meter. Yes, that's a grand per meters, or approximate price of a fully-equipped...
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SV Staff Posted: Oct 29, 2008 0 comments
Gotta admit this: Most whole-home system manufacturers are a bit, well, boring. Really, how interesting can an in-wall speaker be? Well, the folks at Proficient Audio Systems have a bit of a sense of humor. And, a bit of creativity too!This...
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SV Staff Posted: Oct 22, 2009 0 comments
If you missed the hit comedy The Hangover during the summer, we found this deal to pre order the Unrated Edition Blu-ray for $19.99. More HD and gadget deals* after the jump. Major League Baseball 2K9 for $29.98 (normally $39.99). American History...


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