We Can Be Heroes: The Many Faces and Styles of David Bowie

Like many of you, I was saddened to hear about humanity’s loss of one of the greats: David Bowie.

What surprised me, though perhaps it shouldn’t have, was how many people I know were upset. What was fascinating was what song or lyric they used to commemorate the man and his music. It says a lot about an artist when it isn’t a single song, album, era, or even genre that is quoted to represent their body of work.

So let’s celebrate the talent and catalog of one of the greatest artists ever.

Here, I’ll start...

PSB Alpha VS21 VisionSound Soundbase and SubSeries 150 Subwoofer Review Test Bench

PSB Alpha VS21 VisionSound Soundbase and SubSeries 150 Subwoofer Review Specs

PSB Alpha VS21 VisionSound Soundbase and SubSeries 150 Subwoofer Review Page 2

PSB Alpha VS21 VisionSound Soundbase and SubSeries 150 Subwoofer Review

PSB Alpha VS21 VisionSound Soundbase

PSB SubSeries 150 Subwoofer
PRICE $1,098 as reviewed

Sound that transcends genre
Subtle surround and dialogue modes
Flat sub hugs the wall
No front-panel controls
No tone controls
Too small for larger TVs

The PSB Alpha VS21 and SubSeries 150 might change your mind about whether soundbases and compact subs are suitable for music.

Soundbases and bars help the audio industry stay relevant to consumers. Maybe not everyone is interested in traditional loudspeakers and receivers, but most people have a flat-panel TV, and all but the least observant of those people have noticed that the built-in speakers produce sound that is less than coherent. Many of those consumers may not know that PSB has been producing great-sounding audio products for decades, so we have a fundamental disconnect between a brand that is (relatively) unrecognized by newbies and a product category that attracts them. What will it take to bring a PSB soundbase to the newbies? Maybe their better-informed friends who read Sound & Vision should have a word with them—especially when they’re seen pulling a big flat-panel TV box out of the hatchback. Just sayin’.

Flashback: Tech Milestones Going Back 120 Years

Watch Mozart in the Jungle Free this Weekend

What’s the Point of HDMI?

Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at AskSandV@gmail.com

Q In a picture accompanying S&V’s recent article on VIZIO’s Reference UHDTV, I noticed a coaxial cable input on the back panel next to the HDMI connections.  This made me wonder why coaxial cable is used to convey over-the-air and cable HD signals, but HDMI connections are used to carry them the last six feet to our screens. Is the issue copy protection in the HDMI cable?  Or is it about compression/decompression? —Ben Hurwitz / Greensboro, NC

AudioQuest NightHawk Headphone Review

Build Quality
PRICE $599

50mm biocellulose drivers
Liquid wood ear cups
Deliciously comfortable
Cable much too long for portable use

NightHawk’s use of sustainable materials, high comfort, and sweet sound bode well for AudioQuest’s debut headphone.

Everything about the AudioQuest NightHawk headphone, from its materials, design, and sound, differs from what came before. Take a gander at those ear cups: They’re made from something called Liquid Wood. Don’t worry, they’re not the least bit squishy or soft. The cups are crafted from sustainable plant fibers that are liquefied and precision injection-molded. Then their insides are elastomer-coated to minimize resonance. The ear cups also feature a 3D-printed grille, inspired by the underlying structure of butterfly wings, and the grilles are said to reduce the cups’ internal reflections.

CES 2016 Streaming Recap: From 4K HDR to Vinyl

Like many other gadgets at CES, this was the year that ideas became reality in streaming services, media players, and smart TVs.


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