Living with the Compact Disc

It's been 30 years since I bought my first Compact Disc player and first CDs. With the CD format in a death spiral, the LP recovering nicely, high-resolution downloads on the rise, and streaming capturing a new generation of listeners, defending the CD at this moment in history may seem like pure contrarianism. That alone is reason enough to reevaluate the CD—even if it seemingly contradicts things I myself have written in the recent past. But let's make it clear that if I am about to find a few kind words to say about the dear old shiny disc, it doesn't mean I don't love my vinyl and FLACs any less. It's just that my music library has room for more than one format. I still buy CDs, but I collect LPs and high-res audio too.

Dead & Company Show to Stream Live on Saturday

It’s been 20 years since Jerry Garcia died, bringing 30 years of the Grateful Dead to an end. Over the years surviving members Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, and Mickey Hart have carried on in various offshoots of the band and reunited sporadically for one-off performances and tours featuring many guests.

Vizio Reference Series TVs Offered at Magnolia

The first two high-dynamic range-enabled TVs in Vizio’s new Reference Series are now available to order through Best Buy’s Magnolia Design Centers.

Origin Acoustics Director D108 In-Ceiling Speaker Review Specs

Origin Acoustics Director D108 In-Ceiling Speaker Review Page 2

Origin Acoustics Director D108 In-Ceiling Speaker Review

Build Quality
PRICE $1,600 each, $14,400 as reviewed

Tool-free twist-lock mounting
10-inch woofer fits an 8-inch cutout
Aimable tweeter and midrange
Requires 7.5 inches of mounting depth
Wants lots of power
Raised soundstage

No in-ceiling architectural speaker is perfect, but the D108 comes stunningly, spectacularly close.

Love him, hate him, or simply wonder what’s up with all the tattoos, there’s no denying the fact that Jeremy Burkhardt is one of those distinct personalities who has had a profound effect on the custom audio/video industry. Then again, he may be someone you’ve never heard of, unless you’re in the custom installation business. Unlike other notables—such as Polk, Carver, and Bose—Burkhardt isn’t the name of a speaker brand. Nevertheless, if you’ve listened to a set of in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, especially one of the bazillion or more models SpeakerCraft has produced over the past 25 years (including tons built for other brands), you’ve felt—or, rather, heard—Burkhardt’s influence on architectural audio.

Klipsch Adds $400 Soundbar to Reference Lineup

Klipsch today introduced the Reference R-4B soundbar system, which the company says draws on design and engineering principles used in its Reference home theater line.

10 Year Flashback: Recalling Sony's Rootkit Fiasco

A decade ago Sony was scrambling to recover from the infamous CD Rootkit Fiasco, brought about when Sony BMG, then the second largest music group, placed copyright protection software on 52 CDs.

Roku 4 Streaming Media Player Review

The newest Roku box can stream 4K content to compatible UHD TVs. Find out if stepping up is right for you.

Can a Receiver Send 5.1 Surround to a 2nd Zone?

Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at

Q I am in the market to buy a high-end Dolby Atmos AV Receiver for my basement home theater and have shortlisted the following receivers: Yamaha RX-A3050, Denon AVR-X5200W, and Marantz SR 7010. I also have a Sony receiver that powers a KEF 5.1 speaker system in my living room.

I was looking at the manuals for these receivers online and they all have second-zone HDMI and preamp outputs. Would it possible to use the new receiver’s Zone 2 HDMI or preamp outputs to send surround to my 5.1 system upstairs? —Bhaskar Vooradi


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