Polk Goes Boom with ‘Ready 4 Anything’ Speakers

Polk Boom, the spinoff lifestyle brand targeting adventure-oriented consumers, today introduced two compact Bluetooth speakers designed for rugged, on-the-go use.

NBC in Your Pocket

With the small screen going mobile, TV networks are chasing viewers. The number of people who subscribe to Comcast’s Internet service surpassed its video subscribers for the first time this year. As the owner of NBC, Comcast is likely hearing, “Philadelphia, we have a problem.”

Room Enough? Tales of Moving and AV Room Setup

Moving, either across town or across country is up there with life's highest stress producers, just below a death in the family, divorce, being fired, or taxes. And as I've alluded to in previous blogs, when an audiophile or home theater enthusiast is involved (and many of us are both), all bets are off as to which of these events is the worst! I’ve written a bit about my recent move before, but there’s always more to say...

VSN Mobil V.360° Camera Review Specs

Networks Knock ‘Skinny’ Verizon

Pay-TV bundles bulging with never-watched channels have been the bane of consumer groups. They’ve long supported the concept of à la carte cable, which would let subscribers buy just the channels they want. Verizon’s FiOS Custom TV package isn’t exactly à la carte—but it does put the typical pay-TV bundle on a drastic diet. And that “skinny” package, as some call it, is making some networks very unhappy.

VSN Mobil V.360° Camera Review

PRICE $449

Easy to use
Unstitched 360-degree photo and video
Compatible with standard tripod and GoPro mounts
No controls on the camera
Slightly soft video quality

While video quality lacks the crisp wow factor of modern GoPro footage, this single-lens camera represents a huge step in the immersive video market.

Launched in 2013, VSN Mobil is a new face in the tech crowd, and the company just set the bar in the immersive video market with an action camera that shoots unstitched 360-degree video—the V.360º. Comprised of hand-plucked talent from Foxconn, General Dynamics, Motorola, Pininfarina, and Samsung, VSN Mobil has a leg up on the competition out of the gate. With a creative director from the design house that brought us the timelessly elegant Ferrari F40 and a head of engineering who previously served one of the world’s largest defense contractors, you would be correct to assume that the V.360º is equal parts beauty and brain.

Third Man Records Introduces Kiddie Turntable

Are you old enough to remember portable record players? Maybe you owned one as a kid and played 45s on it. Now you can share vinyl nostalgia with your children and grandchildren.

Get Ready for Space TV…in 4K

Image from the Hubble Space Telescope

NASA has announced plans to launch North America’s first commercial-free 4K/Ultra HD TV channel and streaming service on November 1.

Allnic Speednic Sweepstakes

Register to win an Allnic Speednic universal turntable speed verification system (MSRP $399) we are giving away.

According to the company:

"Its price of $399 reflects its luxurious fit and finish. You'd lust to own one for it's handsome looks but Speednic's record player speed verification at any frequency during play with it's highly visible indicator makes this tool's ownership a must."

[This sweepstakes is now closed.]

5 New Dolby Cinema Movies Brings Total to 13

Dolby Cinema infographic

Dolby announced that five new Hollywood features, including the first two titles from Twentieth Century Fox, will be released in Dolby Cinema bringing the total number of movies that combine high-dynamic range (HDR) images and Dolby Atmos surround sound to 13.


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