Top 10 Tower Speakers: $3,000 or Less

Ready for a nice, new set of gleaming tower speakers? Here’s our Top 10 list of models costing between $1,400 and $3,000 a pair, complete with rationales for why each model made the cut.
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Ready, Set, Tap

I recently hung the new $14.97 60-watt Cree Connected LED Bulb on the wall above my easy chair so that whenever an idea entered my brain, I’d be able to tap my iPad and make a light bulb go on above my head. (For those unaware, the Cree is a Zigbee- and Wink-compliant light; mate it with a compatible smarthome hub, and you can control it from your phone or tablet.)

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What’s Up With HDCP 2.2-Compatible AV Receivers?

Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at

Q I just purchased a Samsung 4K UHDTV and am now ready to spring for a new AV receiver. It’s May 2015. Are there any HDCP 2.2-compatible AV receivers available yet? —Pat Balice

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YouTube Music Key Brings Music Videos to Google Play Music

Google's new YouTube Music Key beta adds music videos to Google Play Music. Here's how it works.
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Panasonic TC-65AX900U LCD Ultra HDTV Review Settings

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Panasonic TC-65AX900U LCD Ultra HDTV Review Test Bench

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Panasonic TC-65AX900U LCD Ultra HDTV Review Specs

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New Gear

A super router, wireless high-performance home theater speakers, Sony's 75-inch UHD TV, and more.
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Panasonic TC-65AX900U LCD Ultra HDTV Review Page 2

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Panasonic TC-65AX900U LCD Ultra HDTV Review

2D Performance
3D Performance
PRICE $7,199

Stunning color
Gorgeously detailed 4K playback
A boatload of picture tweaks
Not quite plasma-like blacks and shadow detail
3D ghosting
The price

Panasonic’s statement Ultra HDTV sucks you in with its alluring image and doesn’t let go, but its high price is a deterrent.

When Panasonic left the plasma market in late 2013 to the whimpers of videophiles worldwide, the company committed to delivering an LED-backlit LCD that would rival the image of their best-ever TV—the ZT60 that was their plasma swan song. The first Panny Ultra HD LCD to follow, the edge-lit TC-65AX800U, was a fine TV, though hardly a breakout set. But in late 2014, Panasonic rolled out their flagship AX900U series at 55 and 65 inches, the latter of which we now review here.

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