Entertainment Awards Shelved

Consumers have lost another forum to express their opinions about the year's best films: Blockbuster says it has decided to cancel next year's Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. The company says that the ceremony, originally scheduled for next April in Los Angeles, has fallen victim to the economic uncertainties generated by the September 11 terrorist attacks and an overall sluggish market.

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Tora! Tora! Tora! On DVD

<I>Martin Balsam, Joseph Cotton, E.G. Marshall, James Whitmore, Jason Robards. Directed by Richard Fleischer and Kinji Fukasaku. Aspect ratio: 2.35:1 (anamorphic). Dolby Digital 4.1. 144 minutes. 1970. Fox Home Entertainment 2001317. G. $24.98.</I>

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TiVo Revenue Jumps 29%

One fact of life is that when people stay home, they tend to watch more TV. That generally gloomy reality hasn't put a dent in TiVo, Inc.'s bottom line. In fact, it's helped immensely. The San Jose, CA&ndash;based maker of personal video recorders (PVRs) has reported a 29% jump in revenue for its fiscal third quarter, ended October 31.

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Cheaper, Faster, Smaller, Better

Both <A HREF="http://www.pioneerbroadband.com">Pioneer</A> and <A HREF="http://www.zenith.com">Zenith Electronics</A> announced new digital set-top boxes last week, as the race to control digital content flowing into consumers' homes continues.

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Unsure Times Ahead for Satellite TV?

Cable companies may be the accidental beneficiaries of the recently announced EchoStar-DirecTV deal, in which smaller direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service <A HREF="http://www.echostar.com">EchoStar</A> won approval from General Motors to buy its subsidiary Hughes Electronics Corporation, operator of <A HREF="http://www.directv.com">DirecTV</A>.

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Xantech Amps: Multi-zone Solution

Many home theater fans have multiple systems---a serious home theater, perhaps a dedicated music room, and often, a multi-zone audio system that provides background music throughout the house.
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Heavy Metal: Boston Acoustics System 9000II

Bundled speaker systems are great solutions for folks just getting into home theater or looking to put together a secondary system in a small room. Boston Acoustics has just this market in mind with its new System 9000II, a five-channel-plus-subwoofer package that retails for right around a thousand bucks.
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Marantz Launches New HT Receivers

Long recognized as a high-value brand, Marantz has recently introduced four new SR-series home theater receivers with higher output power and more options than preceding models. All are ruggedly built, with strong internal bracing and metal alloy faceplates.
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Consumer Wish List Revealed

We ran a <A HREF="http://www.guidetohometheater.com/showvote.cgi?219">poll</A> on the Website a couple of weeks back, asking <I>Guide</I> readers what tops their holiday wish-lists for home theater equipment. Predictably, HDTV was a top contender, with DVD players and other components making the cut.

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Toshiba Debuts DLP Projector

Comdex 2001 witnessed the unveiling of Toshiba's new MT5 video projector, a lightweight (less than five pounds) device with big potential.

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