Eric Clapton: Give Me Strength: The ’ 74/ ’ 75 Recordings

Eric Clapton was at the crossroads of Personal Hell Avenue and Professional Conundrum Street as the calendar turned to 1974. His crippling heroin addiction derailed the creative momentum he achieved with Derek and the Dominos and Layla in 1970, and it took him a few long, painful years to emerge from the haze and return to chasing down his one true muse with guitar (and not needle) in hand. The jam-packed Give Me Strength: The ’74/’75 Recordings box set charts his sonic recovery.
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New Gear

The latest crop of new gear includes a hi-rez music player and two speakers: one a kick-ass Bluetooth portable, the other a super-thin model that literally disappears.
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How Do You Get Rid of Your Old AV Gear?

If there’s one truth in living the home entertainment dream, apart from the sheer enjoyment we get from having movies and music come to life in our homes, it’s that we tend to accumulate gear—sometimes lots of gear. John Sciacca offered a number of suggestions for what to do with old equipment in his recent Old Electronics Get New Life column, which left us wondering how Sound & Vision readers get rid of AV treasures that are past their prime. Take a moment to make a choice below and then leave a comment to share your thoughts on the subject.
How Do You Get Rid of Your Old AV Gear?
Move it to the curb with garbage
3% (10 votes)
Bring it to the local recycling center
14% (49 votes)
Donate it to a charity like Good Will or Salvation Army
11% (38 votes)
Give it to a friend or relative
20% (72 votes)
Move it to another room in the house for secondary use
21% (73 votes)
Move it to a basement or attic storage area
12% (42 votes)
Sell it at a garage sale or online through a site like eBay
19% (68 votes)
Total votes: 352
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S&V Poll: How Do You Get Rid of Your Old AV Gear?
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Elite Screen Announces Affordable Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

Elite Screens has announced that its CineGrey 5D Ambient Light Rejecting projection screen is now available to the consumer market. The screen, which is compatible with active 3D and 4K projectors, is said to counter the wash-out effect from ambient light while enhancing contrast and color balance.
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Back to the Future

Once Cutting-Edge Systems Are Starting to Look like Dinosuars

Having been a custom installer since 1998, I’ve installed more than my share of housewide audio systems. And, as you can imagine, these systems have changed and evolved quite a bit over the years.

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Pono: It’s Baaaack!

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything from new from Pono. When it was first unveiled, at least in concept, two years ago, Pono was a bit of a head-scratcher. Brainchild of rocker Neil Young, Pono was his response to the scourge of lo-fi music. Pono was a new music player and/or file format and/or music delivery system that would resurrect recorded music. Stay tuned. So, it was interesting to see Pono surface again at SXSW last week.

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How Can I Avoid Turning Up the Volume to Hear Movie Dialogue?

The effects of dynamic volume control are illustrated in this diagram from Audyssey.

Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at

Q When watching a movie, I often have to turn the volume up to hear the dialogue but then find that the action scenes are too loud and have to turn it down again. My speakers are all from the same product line, so I know they are meant to play well together. I also use the automatic room correction on my Pioneer VSX-914-K AV receiver to adjust levels and distances for the speakers. Is the volume issue due to the way movies are mixed these days? —Ricky Meadows / via e-mail Ricky Meadows / via e-mail

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JBL Syncros S400BT: Close to Syncros-nicity

Ah, Bluetooth. The desire to cut the cord has led to a market flooded with a dozen new wireless headphone options in the last few months. The latest to enter the fray is JBL, with their Synchros S400BT: a touch sensor controlling, LED glowing, aptX encoding, Bluetooth 3.0 stereo over-ear headphone. With all those bells and whistles, I just had to give them a try. How would they measure up?
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Krell Foundation Surround Processor Test Bench

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Krell Foundation Surround Processor Specs

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