JVC DLA-X500R 3D D-ILA Projector Review Specs

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Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphone Review Specs

JVC DLA-X500R 3D D-ILA Projector Review

2D Performance
3D Performance
PRICE $5,000

Performance close to higher-end models
Excellent dynamic iris
HDMI slow to lock onto signals
Annoying gamma tracking after 100 hours

The combination of the DLA-X500R’s performance and value make it a favored pick in JVC’s current line.

Last year, I went to the 2014 CEDIA EXPO hoping to see some new native 4K projector options from JVC, but unfortunately, I came away disappointed. For the first time in recent memory, JVC decided to skip the annual model refresh and stick with their already superb 1080p projector offerings. This is understandable, given the embryonic state of the 4K market (and other variables that I’ll talk about below). But the line’s extra longevity did give me the chance to review what I believe to be the best overall option in JVC’s current family, the DLA-X500R. This projector may not have all the bells and whistles of its higher-priced brethren, but it does have what some would call “all the right junk, in all the right places.”

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphone Review

Build Quality

Comfortable in and out of the water
Impressive sound while swimming (with some limitations)
1-year warranty
So-so sound above water

The Swimbuds Sport headphone gets the job done in the water but falls somewhat short in its quest to provide a high-quality, multi-sport solution.

I was pleasantly surprised when my audition of the Swimbuds Sport Waterproof headphone began with a familiar voice. After discarding multiple plastic baggies and opening the mesh pouch and zipper case, I was greeted by a card with an access code for a downloadable 30-minute swim workout guided by Rebecca Soni. Her staggering career accomplishments—including eight world records and, for Team U.S.A. at the Olympics, three gold medals and three silver—were severely understated here with a title that read: Olympic Medalist. I trained with Rebecca at the Scarlet Aquatics Club in New Jersey from the late 1990s through 2005, and so welcomed the excuse to pick up the phone and call an old friend.

Microspeakers: The Last and Greatest Frontier

Many of the age-old audio problems have been solved, or at least beaten into submission. Ever since Edison recited “Mary had a little lamb,” countless audio engineers have poked and prodded, pulled all-nighters, made minor adjustments, had genius-caliber brainstorms, and generally worked far above their pay grade to lift audio technology to a very high state of the art.

LG’s 4K OLED Wins 2015 Value Electronics TV Shootout

Shootout TVs, left to right: Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG

LG Electronic’s organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology has taken the top spot at Value Electronic’s annual HDTV shootout for the second year in a row.

The event, now 11 years running and typically held at Value’s Scarsdale, NY retail outlet, puts each year’s most advanced displays against one another in controlled conditions and asks attendees to vote on different aspects of the contenders’ image quality. This year’s Shootout was held in New York City as part of the CE Week trade event, with show attendees participating in a series of 1.5 hour presentations over the course of two days.

The Unanswered Question: Do Amplifiers Really Sound Different?

Do amplifiers really sound different? These do…

Torque Audio t402v: Headphones are Fun Again!

Most of the time, when I get headphones in to review, it’s a pretty standard experience: unbox, burn in, listen, evaluate. While I still get excited when a headphone sounds really fantastic, it’s rare that I get jazzed before I even open the box. Modular tube amp fans will know what I mean; that giddy glee like a new box of LEGOs on Christmas morning: a feeling of potential and playtime. Something to open, adjust, and make your own. And I miss it. So as I grabbed my kitchen shears to crack open the shipping box for the new Torque Audio t402v (customizable headphones several years in the making), I was surprised to find I was smiling, and giggled to myself. Holy crap, I’m actually excited to play with some headphones! Don’t worry, I did well in kindergarten. I’ll share.

How Will ATSC 3.0 Audio Talk to Your System?

If the advent of Dolby Atmos in home surround gear has pricked up your ears, you may be interested to hear that object-oriented surround will also be part of the forthcoming ATSC 3.0 broadcast TV standard. That doesn’t mean Atmos itself is hitting the airwaves. Instead, other surround encoding systems will be tested this summer from Dolby, DTS, and a consortium of other companies.


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