Netflix Reveals Fastest Streaming ISPs: How’s Yours Stack Up?

Cox is the fastest ISP in the U.S, followed closely by Cablevision’s.Optimum platform and Verizon Fios, according to the latest research from Netflix, which routinely monitors how ISPs around the world perform during peak streaming periods.

Fifth Element to Get the Atmos Treatment

Two classics from director Luc Besson—The Fifth Element and Leon: The Professional—will get the Atmos treatment this fall, Sony Pictures announced.

Marantz Melds Old and New in Wireless CD Receiver

Marantz’s new M-CR611 “CD receiver” may look old-school but beneath its CD/AM/FM façade is a wireless music streamer that supports high-res playback.

Setting Up Multiple Surround Speakers in the Same Channel

Got a tech question for Sound & Vision? Email us at

Q How would I go about setting up multiple surround speakers in the same channel—two side left and two side right speakers, for example—as in a commercial movie theater? One more question: If I used a Y splitter and additional amplifiers to power the speakers, could I still employ Audyssey processing to calibrate the speakers? I am planning to build a home theater with two to three rows of seating. —William Lee / via e-mail

Prince to Release New Album Only on Tidal

Tidal, the Jay Z-owned Tidal streaming service, announced that Prince will release his latest album exclusively on its platform. The album, HITNRUN, is due out September 7.

The Expanse: The Upcoming Show and the Books

The Sci-Fi Channel (or whatever stupid name they’re calling it now. Siffy or something?) hasn’t had a show worth watching since Battlestar ended its run. Yes, I’m including the horribly squandered premise of Stargate Universe.

With intense hope and prayers to the FSM, that might change with The Expanse premiering in December.

Why am I writing about it now? It’s based on a series of books, and you’ll have time to read them (or some of them) before the show starts, if you want.

Here’s some details about the show and the books.

UHD Thumbs a Ride

Ultra HD content on a thumb drive? Sure, why not? Mance Media is the first company to sell it—and that makes it the first to sell UHD in a hard-copy format. The Website lists more than a dozen movies priced at $24.99 as well as TV shows. For details, visit UHD will also be available on forthcoming variations of Blu-ray and is already available via streaming and satellite.

The Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers—Super Deluxe Edition

The Rolling Stones are at it again. The world’s greatest band has rolled out the big guns for its 15-date North American stadium run that’s been dubbed the ZIP CODE Tour, a 19-song walk, stomp ’n romp through a half-century of impeccably unimpeachable classics. That taut live set places an emphasis on digging deeper into cuts culled from the perpetually seminal 1971 album Sticky Fingers, which has just been given the Super Deluxe box-set treatment by Polydor/UMe. A club gig at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on May 20 saw The Stones rip that joint up 16 times, including their first stabs at Mississippi Fred McDowell’s “You Gotta Move” since 1976 and the dreamily soothing “Moonlight Mile” since 1999, both Sticky tracks having since made their way into regular rotation as part of the stadium set lists. (Longtime fans like yours truly feel The Stones should do intimate clubs gig like the Fonda outing more often, as it helps loosen up the vibe of songs that often become broader and less adventuresome in stadium settings.)

Man From U.N.C.L.E. Soundtrack Out Today

The soundtrack to The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which opens in theaters Friday, August 14, is now available on CD or for download at iTunes and Amazon.

Half-Atmosed: Is the 7-Channel AVR Obsolete?

Most receivers have seven amp channels. I've just reviewed several of them in a row: the Onkyo TX-NR545, Pioneer VSX-1130, and Sony STR-DN1060. Our October issue will collect them in a roundup, with a review of the Denon AVR-X1200W following in November. All list for $600 and include Dolby Atmos height-enriched surround in a 5.1.2-channel configuration. That is a couple of height channels short of the 5.1.4 configuration Dolby Labs recommends for Atmos in the home. And that in turn prompts an uncomfortable question: Is the seven-channel receiver obsolete?


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