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What Movie Genre Do You Watch Most at Home?

Most visitors to UAV are into watching Blu-ray or DVD movies on their home-entertainment system, be it a 32-inch flat panel and its internal speakers, a full-blown home theater with front projector and 7.1 surround sound, or anything in between.

If you live alone, of course, you can watch whatever you want. If it's just you and your spouse/partner, you probably have to do some negotiating, but hopefully your tastes overlap at least somewhat. On the other hand, if you have young children, they most likely have the final say and you play a lot of kids' titles—over and over and over ad nauseam.

We are dedicated to providing reviews of Blu-ray movies that help you separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of both content and audio/video quality. To fine-tune that effort, we'd like to know what movie genre you watch most at home. Of course, you probably watch many different genres—perhaps a roughly equal number from several genres—in which case, please indicate your favorite.

Vote to see the results and leave a comment about your choice. If you vote "Other," please tell us what genre you're referring to.

What Movie Genre Do You Watch Most at Home?
39% (357 votes)
4% (40 votes)
6% (53 votes)
1% (10 votes)
6% (57 votes)
2% (15 votes)
2% (21 votes)
1% (12 votes)
2% (22 votes)
1% (13 votes)
2% (14 votes)
26% (234 votes)
5% (44 votes)
2% (14 votes)
Total votes: 906
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Seth G.'s picture

All of the above to varying degrees, they all have their place and I enjoy them all sometimes you're looking for something fun to watch, other times a good story - and there is more than one place to find that. Though i'm not much of a fan of modern horror. There is such a difference between say the original silence of the lambs and the new stuff like the Saw series. Though granted Silence of the Lambs would qualify more as suspense/thriller than horror(though the subsequent films are not worth much), but a good horror film should also qualify to some degree as being classified as a suspense/thriller as well I think... But like music sometimes I just have to be in the right mood to appreciate what a movie has to offer. And thats true for any movie.

David Vaughn's picture

I'm in a unique position because on most days, I don't get to choose what I want to watch, instead the movie chooses me (based upon what the studios send out). My favorite genre is still Sci-Fi/Fantasy, but I also enjoy good comedies (nothing by Judd Apatow), dramas and action/adventure (especially if there's a Sci-Fi element!). The one genre I tend to avoid is horror.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Perhaps I should have included "All of the Above" as an option, but that would have diluted the preference distribution, which will be used to target the types of movies we review.
WazNeeni's picture

SciFi Thriller should really be it's own genre, as it is the best type of movie in all ways.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Classifying movies into genres is often quite difficult. As your example illustrates, many movies embody more than one genre, and a comprehensive list of all possibilities would be completely unwieldy. I had to come up with a reasonable list for this question, and I admit it's not ideal, but it should give us some idea of what people are watching.
David Vaughn's picture

Johnny, thanks for the thorough response.

uavKenny Kraly Jr.'s picture

I enjoy all movie genres except for the horror genre the only horror movies I like it Jaws and the Alien films. the horror genre scares me a bit. My favortie genre is sci-fi and fantasy films and well as other film genres.

Jarod's picture

I think for the most part I would fall into the "All of the Above" category, but at heart im a Star Wars nerd so I went with Sci/Fantasy.

Jarod's picture

You did fine Scott. Classifying movie genres is sometimes impossible.

Mrlee41's picture

I have a Sony 5.1 surround system, so the more noise the better! I actually like all genres. However action and horror are my favorites. I also have a teenage and 3 yr old sons. So a lot of kid movies also! The blu-ray reviews is one of my favorite section in the Home Theater Magazine!

johnnyd's picture

Generally good movies receive decent reviews and I usually like most of these movies. Men with a significant other will end up watching romantic comedies, and I like the quirky ones like Danny Deckchair, and Fever Pitch. Other tolerable chick flicks include well made movies like Temple Grandin, an excellent movie as is The Notebook. I love good sci-fi and adventure like 2001 a Space Odyssey, Indiana Jones, Terminator, and quirky sci-fi comedy like The Fifth Element. 2012 had decent special effects but wasn't that good over all. The most recent Star Trek movie was good. Movies I'd prefer to avoid include dark movies like Pitch Black, camcorder movies like Blair witch or Cloverfield. Don't care for most teen and silly sophomoric comedies, or vampire zombie and video game based movies, though not well made movies like Transformers, which I liked. Don't like gore, like Halloween, or the Saw movies. I'm hoping the new Tron will be good. The Harry Potter movies are well made and fun to watch. Hope this helps!

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