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Raumfeld Wireless Multiroom Audio System Review Specs

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Raumfeld Wireless Multiroom Audio System Review

Stereo Cubes Speaker
Build Quality
One S Speaker
Build Quality
PRICE $2,944 as reviewed

Intuitive, easy-to-use app
Classy, minimalist cosmetics
Supports up to 192-kHz/24-bit files
No Bluetooth or AirPlay
Only four currently supported online music services
No subwoofer outputs

The Raumfeld system’s excellent-sounding active/passive speakers, ability to handle hi-res audio, and very intuitive app make it a top-notch competitor and a standout in a category that’s spawning a plethora of me-too Sonos imitators.

It’s mandatory at the beginning of any wireless streaming audio system review to mention Sonos. The company is a Goliath that launched the category more than a decade ago and now dominates it. The reason is simple: Sonos gear sounds good, is reliable, and is about as easy to use as it gets. That doesn’t mean, of course, that Sonos is perfection incarnate, nor is it totally without flaws. (There are chinks in every suit of armor.) But you do have to feel at least a modicum of pity for any manufacturer that decides to pick up a slingshot and take aim at the Sonos colossus.

The French Connection: La Boite Cube

If you’re French, you don’t just build a speaker, you build a French speaker—one that takes design seriously. So seriously that you might end up with a speaker that looks nothing at all like a traditional (boring) speaker. La Boite Concept made a name for itself in Europe with the imaginative High-Fidelity Laptop Dock, a small desk featuring an integral sound system and high-quality USB DAC. The Cube is an extension of that concept that would seem to be ideally suited for small living spaces.

TiVo’s QuickMode Feature Targets Binge Watchers

TiVo has announced a software update that adds QuickMode viewing to its Roamio digital video recorders (DVRs), making it possible to binge your way through recorded shows at a brisk pace.

Meet the Millennials

I recently blogged about Millennials, the demographic that is displacing Boomers at the top of the consumer food chain. I described how Millennial purchasing will increasingly define the audio/video markets and their preferences will increasingly define the nature of those products. Predicting the future is a dangerous game, but much like watching a bunny passing through a python, we can observe demographic bulges passing through the consumer market. Let's take a closer look at Millennials.

Panasonic Unveils 4K TVs, Starting at $800

Panasonic has introduced five 4K Ultra HD TVs just in time for the holidays at prices between $800 and $1,500.

Bluetooth Heading for a Major Upgrade in 2016

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced plans to update Bluetooth wireless technology in 2016 to extend its range, enhance its speed, and enable mesh networking.

Kinivo Introduces Add-On Bluetooth Adapter

If you’re looking for a cheap, down-and-dirty way to wirelessly stream music to an existing audio system, Kinivo’s new compact BTR200 Bluetooth Audio Receiver might fit the bill


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