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I've got four 1080p projectors in for testing for the June issue. Look for a bit of a preview in a few weeks. In the mean time, I figured I'd add some irrelevant off-topic filler.

So, is SED dead? I've heard some rumors of a big player voicing some interest, but nothing substantial yet. Personally I think the morons folks over at Nano-Proprietary have done an excellent job at winning the battle and completely losing the war. I guess we'll have to wait and see (what a surprise).

Anybody watch The Unit? David Mamet is my hero. Damn good show.

On the other hand, Jericho is the worst written show I've ever seen. It's like David Mamet puked, and that puke wrote this show (stealing one of the mans jokes right there). No, that could only be the case if the puke was also asleep and illiterate. Yet I, and many other people, still watch it every week. What's with that? And the music, oh man the music. Can someone please tell TV producers that MIDI makes your show sound like crap. Everyone notices, stop assuming your audience is a bunch of idiots. I hate that.

I'd like to go on record in saying that I couldn't care less who wins this format war. I'm completely neutral, as in both sides annoy me equally.

All you fanboys read that last paragraph and stop emailing me that your format is 1337 and the other is the suxors.

Speaking of which, I love fanboys. If I agree with them, apparently I'm a genius. If I disagree, I'm incompetent. This could happen four times in the same article.

Gram Parsons rules. Just sayin.

Upconverted DVD is NOT the same as HD DVD or Blu-ray. Not even remotely close. You can dress that pig up for the dance, but she's not going to win prom queen.

My car is cooler than your car. Just sayin. Prove me wrong.

When I said off topic, I wasn't kidding.

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SED! Go SED! We'll be waiting for ages... Toshiba/Canon/Nano... what the hell?By the way if there is any good news, speaking of contrast and flat panels, any opinions or impressions, or let me ask first did you get a glance at the new Pioneer panels Geoffrey? Any thought you can give? Insight?Don't watch the unit or Jericho. I guess it cancels out which either is so great or not so great. I'm neutral. :)I feel the same about the format war. I am pretty much forced to side Blu-Ray for the moment. The PS3 seems to be the key in my decision. HD-DVD looks just as good if not better early on. This format war sucks... let one live and one die ASAP.And your car is defintely cooler than my car.

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hi geoffery, First I want to say that I enjoy your articles the most. Your sarcasm always makes me laugh! I do have a question. I am currently in the (drawing phase) of building my own home theater. Have you or would you ever do an article on acoustic wall treatment. They're seems to be so many different manufacturers and dimensions(thickness & density) that I dont know where to begin. thanks paul

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I've seen pre-production Pioneer panels at CEATEC and CES (both are talked about in my blog somewhere). They look pretty amazing. We'll know more in May at their line show. PS3 really is the key to the whole thing, just make sure you upgrade your receiver too so you can get the high-res audio formats.Paul:
Thank you for your kind words. At least someone finds me amusing (other than myself of course

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Yea. Being sick of this SED mess, I am looking to go flat soon. Just wondering if the Pioneers are worth the time and wait... contrast wise anyway. Something close to CRT.I didn't seem to find anything on these on your blog. Calm me dumb. :) If you could point it out.

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Oh my, that black level on the 20,000:1 is disgustingly good looking in that picture. Have you guys tested the most recent Pioneer yet? I believe.. the 5070?That looks CRT-like compared to the one on the right, but then again that 1000:1 seems to be a real old model.Thanks for the point in the right direction Geoffrey. I think I'll be waiting for one of these.

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I'd say that my car is cooler than yours, but secretly I think you already know that, which is why it's also in that article.

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My take on SED is that with the bottom falling out of LCD and Plasma prices, how are they going to compete?And, as you know, the best technology doesn't always equate to success.(i.e. SACD and DVD Audio)Granted, they would fail for different reasons but audio\videophiles rarely determine who wins.I did not see your car but I would be interested to hear what stereo system you are using?Keep us the good fight and remember what my father always said. "Half the people in this world are below average."

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Not sure how the links went down, but they're working again.

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How about a battle of the giants? runco's new 65" vspanasonic 65" both 1080p. Do these pass the pixel resolution and interlacing tests? hard to findthese in a showroom.Also following GMs article (a few months ago):is this correct?If your tv de-interlaces correctly then 1080i (say comingfrom your cable box) shot in either30fps(sports news) or 24 fps (movies) (3:2 de-int. working) will look like 1080p, since your eyes merge the interlace together,ie. there is only so much information,and 1080p effectlively isrepeating the image a few times.The exception is1080/60 game output,which would loose info ifinterlaced.Is this right GM class 101? Thanks

Geoffrey Morrison's picture

I believe the 65-inch Runco is based on Panasonic glass, so the difference will just be in the processing. As long as your TV correctly de-interlaces and picks up the 3:2 sequence then you shouldn

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Hi Geoffrey, I've read your articles on Samsung's BDP1000, and I'm anxious to see your article on the BDP1200 (assuming you'll be writing one). However, I can't wait that long...lol I just purchased a Toshiba HD-XA2 for my HD DVD needs, but I'm at a quandry of what to do for bluray. I can get a BDP1000 for $480 vs. a BDP1200 for $685 delivered. My display device is a sharp XV-Z9000U. I'm using component video since I have no HDMI connector. I've read other opinions of the BDP1200, but I'd like to hear your take on it. Is it worth the extra $200 in my situation for the BDP1200, or am I not going to see much of a difference with my 720p projector?Thanks,Ross Henning

Geoffrey Morrison's picture

The big difference with the 1200 is better scaling for DVDs. You have the same chip already in the HD-XA2, so that extra money will probably be wasted.

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I love the Unit. I do watch Jericho. It kind of reminds me of Lost, but not on an island.I do like your articles and reviews even though sometimes I don't see what you see and don't always agree. The format war sucks, but last week my wife ended it for me by buying me a PS3 for my b-day! What a wonderful machine. Die HD-DVD!!! Die now! Seriously, I hate the format war. I think hidef DVD would take off much quicker without it.My car doesn't suck, but it's old.

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