Test Report: JVC DLA-X7 3D D-ILA Projector

To understand the greatness of JVC’s DLA-X7 projector, it’s important to understand contrast ratio. Every TV and projector company rattles on about a million-to-one this and a billion-to-one that. How come? Because there’s no standard method to measure it. Result: Manufacturers can pretty much make up whatever they want.

But even if you were to take such contrast ratio “measurements” at face value, they still have little to do with what you see onscreen. Nearly every projector and LCD flat-panel TV these days has an auto iris or dynamic backlight, respectively. While this is certainly better than nothing, it doesn’t help the intra-scene contrast ratio: The streetlights in a dark alleyway scene, for example, won’t look as bright as they potentially could.

That’s where the greatness of the DLA-X7 comes in. A few display types have a legitimately good intra-scene contrast ratio. Tube-type TVs were brilliant at it. Same thing with Pioneer’s vaunted Kuro plasmas. To an extent, LED-backlit LCD TVs with local dimming do a pretty good job, too. JVC’s D-ILA projectors have also been consistently impressive performers. They get better and better with every generation, and the X7 is no exception. A treat for the eyes.


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