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Paradigm Millenia Speaker System $5,796 as tested, May 2007 Beautiful design meets high performance sound in this super slim style-statement of a speaker. Thiel PowerPoint 1.2 Ceiling Speaker $10,750 as tested, December 2006 This astonishing system delivers true high-end sound from ceiling-mounted speakers for demanding listeners with some serious budget to work with. B&W XT Series $5,800, May 2006 Striking high-end looks combined with that classic B&W sound: exceptionally clean midrange, refined highs, and precise imaging. Infinity Cascade Home Theater Speaker System $5,194 as reviewed, September 2006 Infinity designed a new flat-panel driver for these flagship audiophile speakers, but it's the stunning design and excellent sound quality that you'll notice most. PSB G-Design Home Theater Speaker System $4,696 as tested, April 2007 PSB's latest redesign of its highly regarded Stratus series offers nicely finished piano-black cosmetics and natural, unfatiguing sound. Jamo Concert C 80 Speaker System $3,894 as tested, May 2007 Refined and balanced sound, a hefty subwoofer, and Danish good looks define this mid-priced system. Revel Concerta System $3,794, December 2005 These big, boring, rectangular boxes, which won our Editors' Choice Award in 2005, are so well built and sound so accurate and unstrained that you might not care that they're a throwback to the 1970s audiophile aesthetic. Definitive Technology Mythos and Mythos Gem Mythos, $3,694, January 2004; Mythos Gem, $2,048, June 2005 DefTech invented the high-performance "plasma speaker" with the slim, aluminum-enclosure Mythos system, then followed up with the more affordable Mythos Gem. KEF Q Series $3,500 as tested, November 2006 Beautiful cabinetry and classically refined British sonics in an affordable system that should, frankly, cost more. Infinity TSS-4000/1100 $2,394, October 2005 An all-around great-sounding and good-looking on-wall/freestanding system. Magnepan Magneplanar MC-1 $2,250, April 2005 Thin dipole-panel speakers that deliver remarkably three-dimensional and accurate sound. Energy Take Series $2,225, July/August 2005 Extends the high-value tradition set by the original Take 5 series in a stylish new design. JL Audio Fathom f112 $2,200, November 2006 Simply put, a 115-pound beast of a subwoofer that goes way low and loud but still fits in a relatively compact box. Velodyne SC-10 Subwoofer and SC-1250 Amplifier $2,197 as tested, April 2007 This system, with a pair of easy-to-place 10-inch passive subs and a hefty 1,250 watt amplifier, delivers the goods when a single big box isn't desirable. Crystal Acoustics THX-3D12 $1,999, June 2006 Unless you spring for the high-end piano black finish ($2,800), you'll sacrifice a bit of cosmetic polish. But the $2,000 budget version, with its balanced and powerful British sound, THX-certification, and hefty 12-inch subwoofer, constitute a great value. Mirage UNI-Theater $1,700 as tested, January 2007 We got remarkable 6.1-channel sound from two of Mirage's left-center-right UNI-Theater combos (now attractively repriced at $599 each) and an Omni-S10 subwoofer. Aperion Intimus 532 System $1,339, November 2005 Excellent stereo imaging, a vertical-array center speaker, a strong compact sub, and good build quality make for great value. Atlantic Technology System 1200 $1,280 to $1,410, November 2005 A good all-around system for movies and music that delivers AT's classic neutral sound at an affordable price. Definitive Technology ProCinema 800 $1,099 as tested, November 2006 Top-mounted passive radiators in the tiny satellites extract surprising bass from this value-priced system that earned one of our 2006 Editors' Choice Awards. Yamaha YSP-800 Digital Sound Projector $900, February/March 2006 Both smaller and cheaper than the original YSP-1 or its successor the YSP-1000, the YSP-800 delivers exceptional one-speaker surround sound for flat-panel TVs. Paradigm Cinema 110C $800, April 2005 Reviewed originally as the Cinema 110, this compact system sounds great, looks stylish, and comes with dipole surrounds - a real rarity at this price. HSU Research Ventriloquist VT-12/STF-1 $500, October 2004 This 6.1-channel system, with its tiny satellites, patent-pending Ventriloquist center speaker, and dynamic subwoofer, plays astonshingly loud and with a musicality that represents the pinnacle of value. Zvox 325 Music System $350, March 2007 (Web only) It's a bit pricey, and its "pseudo surround" can't replace a true 5.1-channel system, but the 325's balanced, musical sound and low-end heft make this a highly recommendable all-in-one alternative to TV speakers.
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