Sharp 70-inch Quattron LCD TVs

LG wasn't the only manufacturer to show a super-large LCD TV. Sharp unveiled a new 70-incher in its Quattron line, which adds yellow subpixels to the normal red, green, and blue. The LC-70LE935 uses LED backlighting with local dimming and offers online content and 3D capabilities, while the LC-70LE732 omits 3D. In all, Sharp will introduce five new lines with screen sizes up to 70 inches and six lines with sizes up to 60 inches in 2011, and all will have WiFi connectivity.

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kizkaizminska's picture

Thank you for a great shot! ;)

Jarod's picture

Excellent pic of the screen!

Scott Wilkinson's picture
I typically take 6 or 8 pics to get one that's good, which ain't easy with hordes of journalists crowding around as they do right after a big press conference like Sharp's. In this case, I also had to get one in which the girl's expression was good; I think her looking askance at the TV is amusing.

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