Review: Definitive Technology Bipolar SuperTower Speaker System

Definitive Technology’s BP-8060ST is the next-to-top model in its new generation of “Power-towers,” a genre the firm popularized nearly 2 decades ago and has now promoted to “SuperTower.”

This design combines a conventional passive tower loudspeaker with an active subwoofer built into the same enclosure, so there’s no bulky outboard sub required. And since the same engineers created the whole enchilada, the random element of integrating sub and speakers is eliminated.

Frosting this full-range cake is the bipolar approach common to all of Definitive Technology’s BP Series speakers. Like the originals they supersede, the new towers feature a rear-firing mid/tweeter set to back up the forward-firing, three-driver D’Appolito array. This operates in phase with the front drivers, giving the BP-8060ST a bipolar character that lends subtle spaciousness to just about everything it plays. To complete the system, Definitive sent along the CS-8060HD center, a horizontal monopole design duplicating the forward-radiating panel of the BP-8060ST, with a smaller onboard powered sub section, and a pair of SR-8080ST passive two-panel bipoles for the surrounds. No sub came along for the ride because none, in the company’s view, is required: The BP-8060STs claim overall frequency response down to 20 Hz, a feat engendered, despite their dramatic slimness, by the side-firing placement of the three 12-inch cones (one active subwoofer, two passive radiators) shoehorned into each tower.


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