Podcast 33: Fred Manteghian

A/V raconteur and Home Theater reviewer Fred Manteghian talks about his reference system, products he's reviewed recently, some favorite Blu-ray titles, the advantages of iTunes and Internet radio, automatic room correction, speaker placement, tubes versus solid-state electronics, electrostatic versus dynamic speakers, and answers to chat-room questions.

Run Time: 53:47

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Jarod's picture

Another wonderful podcast! Very interesting to hear Fred's take on audio and video, as well as his reference system. Loved the bulimic hummingbird reference too!!

Firearmada's picture

Hey just found your podcast on Twitt and love it. Love the new tech that is coming out in this field. Sad thing is that not everyone can afford it. :( You know of any really good tech for the low buget?

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Thanks for the kind words! I have gotten several requests to cover more affordable gear on the podcast, though we've touched on it a few times; for example, Michael Fremer said one can get a good vinyl turntable for around $350. I'm working on doing more in this regard, so stay tuned!
Scott Wilkinson's picture
Yeah, that comment was pretty funny; typical Fred!

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