But for me, projectors were the main attractions in the Mitsubishi booth. The currently available HC9000D LCOS design (2D and 3D, $6000) looked fabulous in 2D (it was not being demonstrated in 3D when I was there). I was surprised, in fact, at how bright it looked on its 143-inch diagonal, 16:9, Stewart Studiotek 130 screen (gain 1.3).

In an adjoining room, the new HC7800D ($3495, October, see photo) was producing impressive 3D images—much brighter than the 3D I've seen from Mitsubishi projectors at other recent shows. But that was perhaps no surprise on a 120" diagonal, 16:9, Vutek Silverstar—a screen with a gain of 6.0!! The projector uses active shutter glasses for 3D (as, incidentally, do all of the 3D displays I'll mention or have mentioned in my 2011 CEDIA 2011 blogs unless otherwise noted). It also claims a 5000 hour lamp life in low lamp mode, and a full on/full off contrast ratio of 30:000:1.

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