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Now that the holidays are over—which, frankly, I was ready for days ago—it's time to turn an expectant eye toward Las Vegas and CES. Unlike many of my colleagues, I love going to the show, and this year is no exception. As usual, I'll be driving from Los Angeles, and I'm really looking forward to cruising through the beautiful desert landscape in a Lincoln MKZ with a kick-ass sound system courtesy of THX.

My focus at the show will be a bit different than it has been in years past. Instead of concentrating on video exclusively, I'll be looking for A/V products that can rightly be called "ultimate" in performance, design, price, and/or value. In particular, I'll be spending an entire day at the Venetian among the audiophile crowd. I also plan to learn as much as I can about the current and future state of 3D technology—and from what I can tell at this point, there will be a lot to learn in that regard. And I'll cover the big press conferences on Wednesday, if only because there's nothing else going on that day.

Of course, I won't be able to see everything, but you can read about what I do see in this blog, which I will update several times each day, so check back often. And if there's something specific you'd like me to track down, please post it in a comment here and I'll do my best to accommodate as many requests as I can. Meanwhile, wish me luck as I join 150,000 of my closest friends in the annual feeding frenzy that is CES.

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Pete's picture

Check out what should be the ultimate convergence source component -- the Ayre D5-xeMP Blu Ray/SACD/CD Player with USB DAC. Perhaps not a "value" product, it should prove the ultimate video source and provide world-class 2-channel audio from any digital disc + computer audio files to boot! Let us know if it lives up to the promise.

rented room's picture

Will the new Panasonic Alpha Plasma's be better or as good as the last of the Pioneer Kuros?

James Y,'s picture

- Oppo's new entry level Blu-Ray Player - Affordable Projectors (Under $1500) - Pioneer after the Kuro-age - HDMI 1.4 Spec AVR's

Mar cos Aug usto's picture

Front projectors using LEDs for illumination at affordable prices.... If LG can release a mini front pj like the HS201 which uses R/G/B Phlatlight LEDs mated to a 800x600 DMD chip, LEDs control board, acceptable video processing performance, full CMS & gray-scale calibration controls, HDMI & computer inputs, etc, for a list price of $500, then why can't other manufacturers offer a similar, albeit much improved version using a 1920x1080 chip for less than $5.000 ?

John Navetta's picture

Can you provide us with any info on Arcam's blu-ray player? Possible release date, specs, etc? Thanks!

Nick Thompson's picture

If you can swing by SVSounds booth, they should be showing a new line of sealed subs that should be pretty impressive. The 16" Ultra should be pretty ultimate in performance while still being a good value.



Michele Baker's picture

Check out ShowUhow's new Video guide service for CE companies and retailers during CES. They are in booth #12544 Central Hall with Swann Security. ShowUhow visually guides consumers on setting up pesky connected home products, from home theaters, TVs, computers and more. BestBuy, Costco and Amazon are just a few retailers using ShowUhow. Here's some links: -ShowUhow website - ( -Customer Demo

Phil's picture

Can you check out the Discovery, Sony, IMAX 24-7 3D TV Network? Can you also compare the two 3d blu-ray standards (one from Sony and the other Panasonic) and comment on which one you think offers better quality or features.

Dave's picture

The hottest babes of the show in there most revealing outfits. And 4k

Tas's picture

I would like to see if Sony will be releasing an affordable Bravia W KDL-70W5100 70" LCD t.v. And, also when will Mitsubishi will will release their 73" Laservue t.v.? Can you please find this information out?

Brian's picture

Check if Anthem is showing their AV receivers this time.

The Audio Dufus's picture

Find the best new plasmas available---hopefully cost effective too! Also, anything new in Meridian surround processors? Much appreciated.

Scott's picture

I would really like to see a mini-report on XStreamHD. I think this will be the third year they'll be at CES, but we don't know if it will be anything beyond vaporware. While their model is similar to Vudu, their specs indicate that they could offer even higher quality that Blu-ray. I'd especially be interested in expected pricing, both equipment and movies.

Matt's picture

Try to check out that 72" Vizio LCD if possible!

tina Murasan's picture

JVC front projectors Mitsubishi 73 laservue

FM's picture

Hello, I would really like you to report on TVs with picture quality that excites you. Ones that are so impressive that you'd think it was better or equal to the Pioneer Elite sets for blacks and colors. I'm looking forward to your reviews of these sets. Thanks!

K. Reid's picture

Scott, it's K.Reid who pestered you earlier about the Westlake Audio SM-1 Towers. I would appreciate you keeping an eye out for Dynaudio new products, Krell products and any Runco high end projectors. It would be nice to have a new plasma flat panel benchmark

M.A.'s picture

When you get to LG's booth pleeease/pleeease check out the HX300G mini projector with LEDs illuminators and XGA resolution and ask about list price and release date...Thanks...

Robert's picture

All right, everything seems to be very cool so far. Now, time to save money for a new 3D plasma TV display, a new 3D LCD front projector, a new 3D Blu-ray player, and a new 3D capable A/V Receiver, all with HDMI version 1.4. That is the price of admission with newer technologies. And if you cannot afford to keep up, just stick with older 2D technology. But then, you are behind the main curve... The best thing about fast innovations, is that it encourages you to keep your job, or look for a better one. So, it drives the economy, which makes the world a more futuristic place to live. Better? You betcha. And remember, technology is the protector against infiltrators. It starts at home, then in public places like airports, train stations,... and it becomes global. It protects the innocents against evil, it's the eye in the sky...

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