Hybrid Plasma?

A salesman at a store I visited said the Samsung PN64D8000 is a hybrid plasma with LED backlighting, which makes it much better than the Panasonic plasmas. He says it has the brightness of LED and all the qualities of plasma. What is your opinion of this technology?

Joe Souders

Yikes! Retail salespeople don't always know what they're talking about, but this is far worse than I've ever heard of before! There is no such thing as a plasma/LED hybrid—the PN64D8000 (shown above) is a straightforward plasma, nothing more. We haven't reviewed Samsung's flagship D8000 plasma yet, but I suspect it's very good. We know for sure that Panasonic's flagship VT30 plasma is very good—the review will appear in the September 2011 issue of Home Theater. I doubt you can go wrong with either one.

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And I was hoping to get this model to replace my aging CRT-based LCD . Oh well, I'll just hang on to it.

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It's things like this that pain me to know what some of the "professionals" in my industry are telling clients.

Joe, if you could do us all a huge favor, can you please return to your local electronics store, or wherever you ran into this "CLERK" (I refuse to acknowledge his ability as a SALESPERSON or AV professional), have the CLERK go to Samsung's website to show you what this Hybrid Plasma/LED technology, because its obviously cutting edge stuff, and needs to be shared.

After that, send the clerk to wikipedia, and ask him/her to look up Hybrid Plasma/LED/LCOS/DLP display technology, because he/she needs to write up that article, and ask him to cite sources, because wikipedia sometimes needs the authentication.

Once that task has been completed please direct this CLERK to HomeTheater.com, and have the CLERK subscribe to the print magazine so that the person has something to read while they are spewing Cow Dung out their mouths. Or at a minimum please show the person hometheater.com and at least become a semi regular reader.

I rarely write with a hostile tone, but as an A/V professional it truly sickens to hear the absolute garbage that comes out of retail salespeople's mouths. Early on in my electronics profession I sold cameras, and one day a customer asked me about a Canon digital SLR (that I really knew squat about). I fumbled around with the information, and was pretty bad at answering the questions. The client scolded me for being wrong, and asked how I could provide such inaccurate information about the unit (I knew point and shoots down cold mind you, and the SLR's were not my "area of expertise").

I went home that night, and went online and started to find out about cameras. I discovered DPreview.com (my favorite camera website) and never looked back. Now if I don't know an answer or if I find myself about to say something to a client that I might not know 100%, I head straight to the net for the answer (although as of late something that isn't even always something one can count on). When all else fails, consult the user manual (95% of time its available on the manufacturers website).

Bottom line, the lesson I learned is, that when dealing with electronics if you are "learning" something from a trainer ASK questions, and find out just what it is. If you're asked a question about a product that you're not 100% sure about, look it up and be the hero.


Thanks for reading...


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Wow that is almost worse than the whole plasmas need to be recharged scam in the early days of plasmas. Its workers at these places that just confuse the hell out of the average guy and piss off the guy in the know and make us not want to purchase a/v gear from such places. Sheesh!

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I used to cringe at the things I'd hear my co-workers say when I worked at Circuit City back in the day.

However, back to the TV, if brightness is what you seek then Samsungs plasma line-up this year is a good choice. I have the 59 inch d550 and it can be so bright it's pain-inducing. I used to own a Panasonic and the Samsung is much brighter and more detailed. Black level's a smidge worse.

The brightness really comes in handy with 3d. Don't have to worry about a dim picture.

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