Fab Photos: A Gallery of the Beatles

The Bally, Liverpool, September 19, 1962. Baby, you can drive . . . well, maybe not. (Photo © Apple Corps. Ltd. 2009)

London photo studio, April 1963. The uncropped shot from the back of the U.S. version of With the Beatles - namely, Meet the Beatles!

Outside Abbey Road Studios (then known as EMI Studios), London, July 1, 1963. Preparing for the recording of With the Beatles, which began 17 days later. (Photo © EMI Records Ltd.)

Twickenham Film Studios, Middlesex, spring 1964. Appeared in the gatefold of Beatles for Sale. (Photo courtesy Capitol Records)

Farringdon Studio, London, October 1964. Umbrellas for sale? From the same photo session that gave us the Beatles '65 cover in America. (Apple, as before)

Scotland, October 1964. Still needing protection - but most appropriate for Scotland in October. (Apple)

Near Nassau, the Bahamas, February 25, 1965. On location for the movie Help! (Capitol)


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