Aperion, With A Side Of HD DVD

Internet-direct speaker manufacturer Aperion Audio won some street cred from me by building a demo in which the picture didn't take a backseat to the sound.

The sound in this system was supplied by the 633-T Intimus system that TJN reviewed a few months back. The center speaker is the new 634-VAC, which will be delivered in August at $495.

The video was provided by a 58" HP DLP with a 1920x1080 pixel count, and was driven by a Toshiba HD-XA1 HD DVD player. Picture and sound were punchy and dynamic!

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John Wanderscheid's picture

Hi Shane, This is a great photo. It came out way better than any of mine. Thanks again for giving the new products a listen. Tom is interested in doing an update to the review with the new center so we will look forward to hearing his thoughts on this really great new product. Good job on the show coverage and thanks for including Aperion. John Wanderscheid, VP of Mar keting, Aperion Audio

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