2004 Reviewer's Choice Awards

When we select gear to review at Sound & Vision, we shy away from stuff that seems inferior or merely mimics what's already available. We look for products that represent an important trend or new development - whether a technological breakthrough, a leap in performance, or a bold design statement. While literally dozens of the more than 150 products and services we reviewed in the past year were special in some way, only 21 were deemed by our reviewers to be exceptional.

Performance, as always, is the common thread among the winners, but the 2004 group is distinguished by its trendsetters - like the world's first movie server, a new kind of rear-projection HDTV that gives plasma a run for its money, stylish on-wall speaker systems that sound every bit as good as they look, and a satellite service dedicated to HDTV. Best of all, you can buy anything on the following seven pages knowing that it's well made, easy to use, and on the cutting edge of home-entertainment technology.

- The Editors

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